Date: 21st May 2013 at 4:46pm
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Well, I just want to share a few thoughts of mine and want to see the opinions of all the fans.

Juan Mata has been our best player in the last two seasons. He’s been consistent and he has carried his team on his shoulders. He has the best of stats when it comes to all the domestic competitions. But to establish ourselves as a top force, we need to win the Champions League and at least challenge for the Premier League title every season.

Now when it comes to the Champions League games against top European giants, Mata has not been so impressive. Thats where our biggest player needs to step up and do what Lampard and Drogba did against top sides in the last decade.

Looking at his Champions League stats against top the top sides since he joined Chelsea (not counting useless sides like Genk and Nordsjaelland),Mata has two goals (one against Napoli, thanks to a schoolboy error from Paulo Cannavaro and one against Leverkusen) and three assists (against Valencia for Drogba’s goal, one corner against Bayern Munich for Drogba’s goal, one corner against Shakhtar for Moses’ goal).

Now, no matter how great a player Mata is, these figures are simply not good enough for a player of his stature. He was ineffective against,Napoli, Barcelona and Bayern Munich and Shakhtar and Juve this year.

Oscar,on the other hand, has given us glimpses, that he could be the man for the big occasion. I fully understand that the type of footy we play in the CL against top sides does not suit Mata and I give him credit for making huge efforts to adapt, unlike many players who complain.

But still, how can we be so sure that Mata will be effective in the CL in the near future?

When we will face top sides, Mourinho will 100% go defensive, which I don’t mind, of course. It seems that`s the way we’ll play against top sides. Please don’t get confused with all the great work Mata has done in the domestic competitions.

Champions League is totally different. I am just wondering how Mourinho will use Mata and what Mata will add in the CL since we will rely on counter-attacks, set pieces and long balls. Some may say Mourinho made good use of number 10`s (Sneijder and Ozil) but don’t forget Inter and Madrid did not sit back in the CL, as much as we did and as much as we will.

Can Mata replicate his PL form in the CL?

Can Mata do what Lampard and Drogba have done for years in the CL and step up when we need him the most?

The way Juventus bullied our entire team is a huge concern for us in the near future. My big worry is that how Mourinho will use Mata in the CL and what Mata will add. I think this will be one of Jose’s and most importantly one of our biggest problems.

I would like to hear from all of you.

The floor is yours.