Date: 24th February 2016 at 3:13pm
Written by:

It`s Wednesday afternoon, half the working week has gone and I`m already looking forward to the weekend.

I`d hazard a guess that I`m not alone when it comes to yearning from a release from the humdrum days of work and living for the excitement the weekend brings.

Throughout the week I seek salvation from my mundane existence in a day job I have not a lot of love for, in the shape of my beloved Chelsea Football Club and keeping the good ship Vital Chelsea sailing on the straight and narrow.

Upon returning to my humble abode, the first thing I do, after tearing off the trousers, shirt and tie I have to wear in the day job, is to scan the comments left by the Vital Chelsea membership.

Just recently I`ve noticed that an element of bickering between members, has broken out again, but that`s down for you lot to sort out, legislation changes I`ve mentioned before make the comment the sole responsibility of the poster as opposed to the editor of the site upon which it appears, much to my relief.

But I`ve also noticed that several comments have been left in the last few days that relate to the second interim spell of Guus Hiddink, with several members being critical of what the Dutchman has achieved, questions have been asked about the quality of the opposition we`ve beaten, which leads me on to my question of the day, a question I`d appreciate your responses to.

So here goes:-

What`s your opinion, so far, on what Guus has achieved during his second interim spell in charge?

Do you view it as a job well done or are you prepared to argue it hasn`t been as successful as you`d hoped for?

The floor is all yours.

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