Date: 3rd December 2017 at 8:54am
Written by:

One of the things that has made me loved ‘The Blue Army` the more is the way words are coined and how the banners have always been designed.

Watching the match between Chelsea and Newcastle yesterday only made me fall in love with supporting this club the even more

The main reason which was not the score-line but because of the lovely piece of art that was hung up in the stadium which read ‘Garden of Eden’. The banner depicted the slogan along with a picture on a flag in the colours of his native Belgium.

Call me superstitious or old-school but if I fear Eden leaving and it is for a reason.

JT Captain Leader Legend is gone, Diego The Guv’nor is gone, now it is Eden with the Garden of Eden.

With the constant rumours of him leaving for Madrid refusing to die down if I’m scared I think I have a reason and not even mentioning the fact that he’s gradually following CR7 in going from a winger to a striker.

Long may the Blue Garden of Eden in London exist and with Eden in it.


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