Date: 22nd November 2012 at 1:08pm
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I cannot wait to see the back of El Nino.

No Chelsea fan can deny that his performances have been shocking in every sense since his move. If he was simply a bad player, then we could accept that. Bad players cannot improve their talent, they cannot be blamed for not being better than they are. But this is not the case with Torres.

He does almost nothing on the pitch. If you go onto BBC live text and ctrl-F (‘find’) Torres – his mentions are almost non-existent. He does nothing which deserves mention from the commentators. Watch the games live and marvel at how rarely he can actually be bothered to get in the box.

I see a Chelsea attack and Torres is just simply not visible on the TV screen. He runs out wide when he thinks the ball will go into to the box, and run through the middle when the ball is going out wide. Or just doesn’t run at all.

When I was young and playing football at school I was still a little scared of heading the ball. So I, if told to go up for a corner, would stand around at the back post, or purposefully miss-time a jump so the ball would go way over my head.

Not something to be proud of I know … but I was young and not getting paid £200,000 per week. I see Torres doing all these things. For someone who used to do it all the time, it is obvious and shameful for a professional footballer.

The most frustrating thing is that it is not necessary. Against Liverpool, he actually did much better than normal: he was motivated, and almost scored two goals. This clearly shows that Torres is not working in other games because, simply, he cannot be bothered.

And the final straw is the sacking of Di Matteo. Benitez has been brought in, and whatever anyone thinks about that, a large part is because Roman thinks he can get the best out of the £50m man.

With a striker who was performing, RDM would not have been forced to play without any striker. Think how little faith RDM must have in Torres: he plays NO STRIKER for the first time at CFC in at least the last 10 years. Torres has not just cost the club £50m, but has also cost RDM, who all Chelsea fans owe a great deal of debt and gratitude, his job.

When RDM played for us he gave 100%, and when he managed, he always conducted himself with dignity. Torres has done neither: remember the interview after our Champions League victory saying how, in short, he didn’t really care because he didn’t have a starring role?


Of course, I still want Torres to do well. He is a Chelsea player, and him doing well is good for the club. But I give my undertaking that he will never be the name on the back of any Chelsea shirt of mine. And unless he does demonstrate some miraculous improvement, get him out.