Date: 19th November 2012 at 4:31pm
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Chelsea have not had the best of weeks of late. At times is has seemed to me like the team wasn’t really working to the best of their high capabilities….

We all know that we have a huge test ahead of us when we travel to Turin to play Juventus, this game could really make or break our season and may very well make or break Roberto Di Matteo’s. It`s not unlike Chelsea to have difficulties throughout a season but this season after starting so brightly we have hit a really rough patch. I really do like RDM as a manager and I honestly do not think it is completely his fault however there a few things that I might do differently against WBA

1. We fielded what could definitely be called a ‘weakened’ team, I was surprised at some of the selections but also understanding that RDM was wary of making sure our players are not worn out come Juventus. However, I do believe that out of our Holy Trinity; Hazard should not have been the one to start. Hazard has not been at all poor but has not looked as great as he was at the beginning of the season and I`m pretty sure this may have something to with fatigue. Mata has been sensational all season and still looks very fresh and has been the most influential of the trinity by a fair way over the last few weeks. I would have started Mata, then again I’m no manager

2. I was really surprised when I saw Sturridge in the starting line up for the game but not disappointed with Studge the talent is clearly there however his decision making is poor (especially when it comes to involving team mates) I am not a fan of having him out wide right as his selfishness tends to break up attacks, and I do believe in certain games, with assistance he can lead the line. Now I don`t want to have the Torres debate but I personally love him but I can recognize he is not doing his role as a striker and his main problem is doesn’t make threatening runs, drifts out wide and can be too much of a team player. In this game I would have had Torres out wide right and have Studge in the centre as this would have created more chances from

a) Torres being in a position where his creativity and team play is effective
b) Sturridge being allowed to make threatening runs in the centre
c) as a result of b Sturridge would be in higher percentage areas to shoot from thus enabling a better chance of scoring.

3. Bring Marin on. I am a big fan of Marko Marin so the bias may be there but it seems opposition teams know out game plan now and the way West Brom defended was very narrow and almost suffocated anything that tried getting through, what Marin adds is width (I know Moses does have that) but also a great ability to dribble in particularly tight situations and with Hazard looking scratchy at times I believe this Sub could have changed the game. The other thing that would have worked heavily in our favour is that Marin is a lot less known that Hazard or even Moses (Comparing him to those who he may have replaced) purely because of his lack of game time in England.

4. I am not sure whether RDM told his players to do this and they didn’t listen or he totally missed it but one of Mikel or Romeu should have been sticking to Morrison like glue from the beginning, if he went to the toilet they should have gone with him and been right by his side! But he was always free! This is a serious issue as if Morrison (no disrespect to him, he`s a good player) can cut through our midfield and defence imagine what Pirlo could do?

These are just my opinions and I hope you like them, but I’m no manager just wanted to put them out there as nicely as I could 🙂

Cheers for reading!

Oh and on a slightly different note, do you think RDM will drop Torres for Juve?

I`ve just been reading that in his press conference he hinted he may drop him. I feel nervous about playing him in this match purely because he doesn`t make runs now, whereas Studge does. However if we want to dominate and keep possession, and be willing to score goals from midfield Torres does have the benefit of working hard and does make quite a few steals up the pitch resulting in dangerous counter attacks.

Anyways let me know what you think 🙂