Date: 30th September 2017 at 10:13pm
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Following on from the recent article outlining why Gary Cahill doesn`t deserve to be continually battered on social media, there was to be an article to follow defending Willian. In the words of Michael Jackson, this is it. My argument for not giving our Captain clog, is that during his time at the club, he deserves more respect. There`s no need to ‘hate-on` our own players.

The same goes for Willian, he may be struggling for form at the moment, but two season`s ago during Jose Mourinho`s ‘annus horribilis` he was the stand out player by far. I was following today`s game on Twitter, my timeline was filled with ‘Willian` bile. The guy is out of form, like today`s defeat, it happens.

One of the tweets that stood out, simply said,

`Willian, get out of my club.`

I would suggest that the person who tweeted that should ‘get out of my club.` At the risk of being called over sensitive or too sentimental, and whilst I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just don`t think there is any need to criticise our players so vehemently.

After writing about Cahill, I wrote on the end, that an article defending Willian would follow. I kind of regretted writing it, as I realised, that to defend Willian would be difficult given his current form. What the above tweet made me realise is though, that In reality, I don`t need to defend him at all, as there is nothing to defend him for.

Each week he pulls on a Chelsea shirt, and sets out to perform to his best ability, I genuinely believe that. That alone is enough to defend him, in my opinion. The fact that, at present he can`t perform as I`m sure he`d like, for whatever reason, does not warrant the above tweet. It just doesn`t.

So, I`d like to thank the person who wrote that tweet for making this piece of writing much easier for me to complete. Willian did have a bad game today. If I`m honest he`s not been great all season, although in the one game I`ve seen live, albeit against lowly opposition in Qarabag, he was Man of the Match. He`s still a Chelsea player though, I`m glad he`s at my club and let`s not forget?…he hates Tottenham and he hates Tottenham??.


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  • Fabulous player, great technique and touch. If we were going to do anything in the second half against City, it was through Willian, who turned quickly and played some great balls to Alonso and Pedro but they didn’t get the ball into the area fast enough. On MOTD against Everton a few weeks ago, they highlighted how sensational a player Willian is, a special talent.
    Delighted he’s with us but needs to be included more frequent. He should have started today, as Delph was there for the taking but we were totally negative from the start and played into City’s hands.

  • WIllian is a very good player on his day. But the timing of this article makes this very very hard. Willian was terrible against City today by all standards. So much so Hazard ( a player who hardly complains or whines) was visibly frustrated by every single wrong move he made. I am not sure he will be here for much longer to be honest if this continues. I think we will sign a younger player and he will be sold just like Matic. For now he plays for chelsea and I will have to support him Even though supporting him is becoming increasingly difficult with the way he is currently playing ( I wont lie I cursed him a lot during the City match today, He was that poor). I hope he turns things around. We need him…

  • He is a good player. Its just that today his performance was abysmal. He was freaking useless today.

  • To be fair they were all fatigued today, but damn its only September, the only ones who did a good job today were TC and the defenders . Willian was not the only problem, Fab was as poor . Thing with Willian you can never write him off, and would Moses have been better today ?, probably not .

  • Willian does nothing useful with the ball, he lungs onto the ball for too long and when he wants to make a pass or decision he makes the wrong one always. he’s the most un functional player ever. very useless player. he’s turning out to become the weakest link around. and he’s so frustrating to watch him play.

  • Willian did nothing wrong today. He usually make good run from midfield but the results of his runs are always poor because he make wrong passes.
    But if you can see how today our keeper was throwing balls a way because he is not able to play with his feet. Everytime we had the chance to play it was Courtois throwing it away and we had no Morata to get those balls. If there is someone played bad was Courtois and Fabregas.

  • We were good when playing tottenham because there was no Fabregas. That guy is weak to play big games. I think konte has to look a better solution with no Fabregas. Because to put a weak man on the pitch waiting him to make an assist is to play 10 men without tha ball and 11 men with the ball.

  • rugwiro you are a darling, you just spoke my mind. fabregas has been lightweight ever since. back in the days of arsenal he was so good with the ball but lampard and essien always had a hold on him when ever he faced chelsea. chelsea always beat his team. that was because lampard and essien were so physical he couldn’t pass through them. with his passes there was no way he could penetrate. now we are suffering from his lazy football. I wish conte all the best with fabregas.

  • I have already written here after the Stoke game about Willian and his unproductive performances for Chelsea this season. The moment Morata limped off yesterday and was replaced by Willian, I knew we are losing the game. His threat from set pieces had diminished greatly. The only thing delightful about his game is how he turns away swiftly from his markers but despite all his hardwork and all the Playing time he enjoyed in Hazard’s absence, he is the only attacking midfielder in out team that’s yet to register a goal or an assist in the league. I’m sure he’s showing the same attitude in training so Conte should be the one to be criticized for fielding Willian in games we need to win, and not Willian himself. Like I said the other time, he should only come in when we are already 2 or 3 goals up and only start against the lower sides in the cup matches that we are sure to win.

  • There?s no doubt Willian had a very bad game yesterday however, so did many others. He should never have replaced Morata, yes he can turn players inside out but his delivery of the final ball (if he ever decides to release it) is poor.

  • Horrible player. He just runs arounds. When he gets the ball he runs in the wrong direction. I have been asking since he was signed but what do Willian do?

  • I was annoyed when Mourinho sold Mata, Schurlle, Lukaku and KBD. We needed that depth last night.

  • I don’t think Willian deserves this kind of bashing. He may not be getting it right now, but this happens to everyone at one point or the other. Criticize him, he deserves that but don’t crucify him.

  • He is having a bad spell. But remember, he was our best player when it seemed that everyone had downed the tools two seasons ago. Pardon me for saying this, but we have this propensity to get rid of our good players out of impatience to later regret our action. Do I have to name names? Yesterday’s game is a testimony.

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