Date: 22nd November 2012 at 4:50pm
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I had been a regular visitor to this site and I admire most of the views in the various articles posted by my fellow club-mates.

It’s a hard time for our beloved club and everyone associated with it. But, we know deep down we must believe in ourselves and be patient and who knows things might change for the better.

Now coming to the point!

Within all the fuss and media backlash, it reminded me to take this initiative to not forget ‘One Man` who I feel, despite profound love for this club, must take the harsh steps and face the criticism everywhere. Yes, I am talking about ROMAN ABRAMOVICH.

I mean we must give credit to him for changing the stature of our club and giving us the moments that no other club supporters can boast of. I remember reading somewhere that the match between Real Madrid and Man Utd in the Champions League quarter final in (I guess) March 2003 made Abramovich fall in love with the sport and probably that was the time he decided to make a team that could potentially entertain the crowd week in week out and conquer all hearts.

So then started this quest to play and win with style. Raneiri delivered it to some extent but not the trophy, so he was the first to go then came ‘The Special One’ and the rest we all know how Jose put us in elite category within such short time. But I must admit (I don`t know about you guys) during 2007 we all had become well aware that we needed the change in the set up. Don`t get me wrong I have great respect for Jose but that season I knew he had taken us as far as he could and it was not a surprise or shock to part ways in September.

Ever since we had many managers/interim managers at the helm but apart from Carlo none lasted for an entire season. To be fair to Roman he was spot on with his decisions to sack most of them. I thought Scolari was let down by Peter Kenyon with the Robinho failed transfer. Perhaps if we had signed Robinho Scolari’s fate could have been different.

We have heard from so many of our players and even the managers who proclaim that how much Roman loves the club and its imperative that with such love comes the harsh consequences and right now we are facing one.

I can understand the support for RDM but personally I felt he was never cut out for such a big post. I agree he won the Champions League but in truth it had more to do with players will and spirit and their trust with Roman that got us the trophy.

We should also remember that until the QPR game Roberto’s results were not impressive, we very poor till that time and only after Roman’s intervention we changed our style and formation.

I read kaku’s article and he was spot on with the positives and negatives of Rafa and I sincerely pray that Rafa has more of a positive effect come the end of season than the negatives.

Finally, I am just trying to say that lets come together and support our club and Roman who like all of us loves this club and sadly unlike all of us faces the criticism.