Date: 17th January 2013 at 3:53am
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This may be the most controversial piece I have ever penned on the VC forum.

Once again work related duties prevented me from being able to join the VC family on the match day moments thread today or even watch the match live. During one bath room break during my meetings I managed to catch a quick look in on the VC match day thread and saw we were up 2-0. I thought; game, set and match in the bag. I continued with my meetings fully thinking when work was done I would get home and be able to watch the full match in a relaxed mode and see how we probably duplicated our FA cup mauling of the South Hampton Saints. You can imagine my shock and surprise then as I packed up from work and decided to just check what the final score finally was to see 2-2 pop up on my smart phone.

Now many of us will seek to blame one person, person(s) or the other..some are calling for Rafas head on a platter, other want El nino dead and buried, for some lamps is the culprit, other feel it is maybe Luiz or Ramires, some blame the home fans at the Bridge etc etc..i am starting to seriously think our ails go way beyond all the physical tangibles.

I wont bore anyone here with a discussion on metaphysics or spirituality..You either believe these things or you don` have either experienced the supernatural or you have not. Whether you want to call it a curse, a jinx, a hoodoo, nemesis, Karma, justice, a reckoning ..whatever?I am starting to get the distinct impression that our club may be reaping a harvest of ill fortune as just recompense for the deeds of those who run our club. The level of misfortune befalling our club now is becoming really spooky.

Those who don`t believe in the supernatural need to go back and revisit how we won both the FA cup and the Champions league last year..i happen to believe in miracles..i have been blessed to witness a few in my lifetime and one of those was what we witnessed with our team last season culminating in the wonderful climaxes at Wembley stadium and the Allianz arena. Even my most ardent agnostic pals who are footie fans seeing how Chelsea won last season confided in me that for the first time in their lives that they seriously wondered if there might be a God after all and whether God himself had laced his boots to play for us. Well if there can be positive spiritual forces helping a side the opposite can also be true. Fans of American football can mention some of the most famously touted accursed franchises like the Buffalo bills and the Minnesota Vikings who time and again despite incredible talent always seemed to manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory one way or another.

I may be talking total nonsense here but hear me out..if by the end of this season we end up with no trophies whatsoever and end up out of the top 4 maybe this may not seem as outlandish as it sounds.
So what would a club have done to swing from the height of good fortune in one season to this new extreme of numbing misfortune? Say what you will but I cannot but keep going back to how Roman and our board treated Roberto Di Matteo. Those fans who just became fans of Chelsea in the Roman era need to go and look up archives records and games to know what RDM meant for our first golden generation team, the part he played in that role, how he sweated, bled and broke his bones for this club. They need to go back and see how his career ended prematurely playing for our club. We all know what he achieved for us as a manager for the short time he was with us.

I will not belabor the point of whether his sacking was fair or justified. It is only in the VC forum I have to argue this. Everyone who knows anything about footie and is not a Chelsea fan who I have ever discussed this with are unanimous that the way Roman and our board treated this guy after all he did for us was beyond classless and despicable and this includes my two Catalan friends who still have not forgiven RDM for depriving them of what they felt was Barcas next Champions league trophy last year. People who may not know the details need to familiarize themselves with the exact chain of events as to how RDMs sacking transpired and most who know the details agree that apart from maybe Carlo who was sacked in a tunnel leading of the pitch at Goodison park probably no other manager of Chelsea FC has been discarded in such a shabby, classless manner..and this is how we treated one of our of our best..a man who bleeds blue and was working for our club while paid peanuts compared to others in similar positions and who if asked would probably have done the job for free.

If in fact it is true that we are paying the price for the way things were handled with RDM what can be the solution to change our luck? As simple as this sounds our leadership needs to learn a lesson in humility. What Roman should do if I were him is to call RDM to a private meeting between both men..not to give him back the that ship has long sailed. No, what Roman needs to do is call the man and meet him in private and apologize from his heart to the man for treating him so unfairly and shabbily..RDM does not need or want Roman`s money – what would be nice would be for Roman to show him some respect and gratitude for what he did for our club last season. What Roman needs to give is something far more expensive than all the money he has. He needs to pay penance with some humility and remorse. This does not need to be done openly..a private talk between the two men would be enough. People who understand spiritual principles will understand how this works..those who don`t believe in that kind of stuff will scoff at this and call it an absolutely ridiculous suggestion.

Needless to say I doubt Roman reads anything we write on the forum and even if he did I doubt he would give a damn anyway.

Frankly I am probably way of base as I have often been but if our season continues to plummet to new lows and we end up with the worst season we have ever had in the Roman era let us for a minute give this a thought. The side we have now is one of the most talented as far as individual players and much as many hate Rafa is he really the worst coach we have had in the Roman era? I thought i had realistic expectations for this the beginning of the season with RDM. I said then that ending the season 3rd in the BPL and with 1-3 trophies would be as good as it would get..well I may have been way too optimistic. As bad as things are right now they may get downright ugly in the weeks ahead. Our game against arsenal may be a rubicon event. Is Chelsea FC cursed? Everyone can make up their mind. Time will tell shortly if this needs second thought or is total nonsense.