Date: 7th February 2018 at 12:27pm
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The uncertainty relating to the Chelsea future of Thibaut Courtois has raised its head again.

Whilst on one hand we`re being fed the line that the 25-year-old Belgian is quite happy to stay at the club and put his name to a new, lucrative, contract, the other hand paints a completely different picture.

Today, the wonderfully named news source, Sport Foot Magazine, carries the insinuation that Courtois has far from given up on the idea of a move to Real Madrid.

The keeper continues to utter words that will give Chelsea supporters concern, mentioning the words “personal situation” and “my heart belongs in Madrid” when it comes to talk relating to Spain`s capital city and their main club.

Our referenced source goes on to suggest that if Real Madrid show an interest in Courtois then he would have to consider any offer.

Speaking as someone who doesn`t think Courtois is as good a keeper this season as he has shown he can be in previous seasons, I`d be tempted to cut the apron ties and sell him!

Am I alone in thinking along these lines or are there people who visit this site who have similar feelings?

Please feel free to drop your views into our comments facility beneath this article.


13 Replies to “Is It Time to Sell Thibaut Courtois?”

  • He also said he would sign a new contract with us, in the same interview, he said he would return to Madrid later, if we lose him,Marina buys Joe Hart, its that simple.

  • The guy has always taken the chance to profess his love for Madrid. He’s heart is in the capital of Spain and there’s no turning back. Let’s find a replacement asap.

  • I?ve been critical of him for a while his performances don?t fill me with any confidence so if they are offering big money then sell him

  • I seriously would want him sold but I fear for who our dear board will replace him with considering poor recruitment strategy. If it is for Jan oblak or dunaruma then I’m all for it

  • With the kind of money this boy would fetch, one could upgrade the defense, and negate the need for a so-called, “world-class” keeper. That’s been my mantra, forever. This is the last position out of 11 that I’d spend big money on. To those who are wise, however, this lad is just keeping us on the hook. If he signs a new contract, it will mean improved terms, should he make a move to Madrid. If they don’t want him, he’s got a fallback option. Either way, he wins. You could say that it’s good business. I’ve always thought him to be a douche, but I could care less, at this point. I have more disgust for the owner right now, than any of his soulless employees.

  • Sell him, never liked his personality or reluctance to come off his line… more importantly, if we were to let Hazard go, process being thrown about in the region of Coutinho money (150)… Now in Spain you can only field 3 non european players. Hazard being Belgium and i think more of an established world class player (dispite fact he dissapears), surely puts him more in the price range of the Neymar deal (200)
    Now for 260-290, i say get Pickford, Bailey and Lemar for 160 ish and leave 100-130 for the board to stuff their madrasses.. anyway this tbo guy must go

  • Average Premier league keeper, he is certainly no better than that. Anyone who thinks that he is World class is deluded.

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