Date: 24th January 2013 at 4:37pm
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13 years – 12 trophies – 10 managers!

Enough is enough.

With this type of record, it’s no question that Chelsea are a great side, but with 10 managers all being sacked in the last 13 years, its no wonder that we haven’t been able to crack Europe entirely, just yet.

One of the keys to a great side winning plenty of trophies is stability. Although we still have the trophies it’s not good enough. For you fans that wanted Pep Guardiola, he took the easy and- dare I say – better option.

How would you feel coming into a new club where success was an only option and you had to win trophies every year and if you had to deliver the Holy Grail!

But even that doesn’t seem like enough, as our beloved Di Matteo found out the hard way.

The question is, can ANYBODY, EVER please Abramovich?

And will we ever find out?

We have the potential to be the best in the WORLD. And it may sound a little far fetched but I know we have what it takes. I think we all know how much Roman loves this club.

But when will he come to his senses?

When will he see that he’s destructing our club with all the sackings and need for control?

We can never reach our potential as a team if a new manager turns up at Stamford Bridge every year. It’s simply not acceptable.

But who has the nerve to tell him?

They know if they face up to Abramovich, they’ll be next to get the chop. I really am scared for Chelsea’s future. I really am. I don’t know where we`re heading; especially now in the game at Swansea determining whether we win a trophy or not this season.

At the start of the season we were chasing 7 trophies. Now it’s been whittled down to 3. And I think we all know who’s partially to blame.