Date: 25th November 2018 at 9:39am
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And so, the unbeaten run came to an end.

We all knew it would sometime, but did it have to end in such a disappointing style and against the one club, we hoped it wouldn’t?

It’s the morning after the night before and I wanted to leave some time for my head to clear before I put pen-to-paper, I wanted to remain proactive rather than reactive, but, watching what happened, at Wembley, against a Tottenham side that didn’t just beat us but outclassed us and could have won by a larger margin, it’s hard to draw any positives.

The secret to getting a result, away from home, against tough opposition, is to keep it tight, quieten down the home support and then move on from there, not to be on the back-foot, defending frantically and letting in two goals in the opening quarter of an hour.

Okay, we may moan about the free-kick for the first goal being a bit dubious and we could mention the clear penalty that Hazard earned but wasn’t given, but we mustn’t mask the obvious faults that were staring us in the face.

Sides have worked out that to stop Chelsea you simply don’t let Jorginho dictate the pattern of play, but then again it doesn’t help when the likes of David Luiz give the kind of insipid performance that makes you realise why Antonio Conte discarded him.

I could go on and on, but, perhaps, Maurizio Sarri summed things up better when he, in his after-match interview, he remarked about those who wore our shirts today:

“I am disappointed because we played very badly. I think we played very badly in all directions – physically, mentally, technically and tactically.

“Today I didn’t like anybody.”

This week, for Chelsea, will be a crunch week, Sarri will have to get his troops back on track with a Europa League tie coming up and then a crunch home fixture against our near-neighbours Fulham.

As for Tottenham, we’ve heard the celebratory DVD’s, cups, scarves and t-shirts are selling well, bless them!

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10 Replies to “It Just Wasn’t Good Enough Chelsea”

  • Barkley came on and injected some spirit and aggression before that we looked scared of them the last 15 minutes we tried to take it to them unfortunately far to late but overall we were second best all over the pitch kappa needs to do more the first two goals weren’t his fault but he could have done better with some reaction at least it was courtois esc.
    As for Mark Jorginho out of the game and we’re finished I don’t buy that wasn’t it the same with fabregas the season we won the league mark him and Chelsea won’t function well they did and we still won the league that season.
    I didn’t fancy us to win the league from the start but top four is more realistic we need to bounce back with a win against Fulham beware Andre Schurrle

  • Granted, there was a time when beating Chelsea was huge cause for celebration for mid table Tottenham. Not any more. Spurs & Chelsea will no doubt remain the bitterest of rivals, but those one-sided days of the nineties & naughties are long gone. Just another three points…

  • What’s extremely worrying is the fact that M. Sarri can really see like everyone else that Jorghino was ineffective in the game, but still kept him up until the end of the game instead of replacing him or bring the best defensive midfielder in the world in front of the back 4, and substitute Jorghino with a more offensive player like Fabregas in place of Kante in attack.
    Is this coach a clown or a really stupid coach? Just imagine if Jorghino and Luiz were replaced, I don’t think someone like Son would have humiliate our defense like that by scoring a solo goal as if he was CR7 or Messi. Even against the mid table team, I never saw Son humiliate their defense and score against them in that fashion.
    Please tell M. Sarri possession is not winning games. And his ‘’Jorghino’’ has been found out, he better dropped him and bring on Fabregas in Kante attacking role, and take Kante back in front of the back 4 so that he does what he does best, which is being a defensive midfielder.

  • What is Alonso and Azip doing to help easy the pressure off the midfield plays , Sarriball system needs full backs that can work over time . What Alonso does is not attracking i would like to call it moving forward , most of the goals he has scored if not all his never involved in the build up .

  • Chelsea should sell Eden Hazard as soon as possible, it will be in the best interest of everyone. He is spending too much time wading off questions about Real Madrid move and that is unsettling. Sarri also is spending too much time trying to figure out how he can make Hazard happy at the expense of building a strong side mentally and physically. Sometimes it is useful to let go.

    • I completely agreed Muleya1. We should let the guy go, and move on with players who want really to stay with us, and build a strong team. Not those who will be thinking twice when the kind of Real de Madrid or Barcelona will come calling.

  • In his comment about RLC three years ago, Jose Mourinho said it was not what the young mad was doing with the ball that bothered him, but what he was doing without the ball. That statement is true for all Chelsea players. The have talents but they are lethargic mentally and physically. Above all, least anticipatory. The only exception is Kanté. Unfortunately, he doesn’t score. He is by far, the best player Chelsea have. As far as I am concerned anybody, and I mean anybody else can leave. Modern soccer requires a lot of the above qualities in addition to whatever talent a player might have. The third goal fly Tottenham was appalling to say the least. I think Chelsea need to replace the physical instructors with those who will rigorously drill our players and those who cannot cope go regardless of their talent. In addition to talent, speed, energy and proper anticipatory positioning for the basis for the success in Man City and Tottenham and other big teams. We lack lack them seriously.

  • i could see well thought comments here and some poor comments here but i really think there is no need to over-react,cos we know the defeat was coming…on the day,every one was poor no exception….chelsea being found out?jorginho being found out?they are all lies, i wonder why both of them were not found out at naples for 3 season,ok Epl has better managers?the problem is Chelsea players mostly lack physicality i can only pick out rudiger kante and azpi every one else lacks it,watch tottenham and liverpool games against chelsea they always beat chelsea firstly in terms of physicality and intensity….only City beats chelsea technically and ths where chelsea lost the match yesterday….sarri has a big job in his hands and as we know ‘good soup money na make am o’ ,it took pep a full season and huge transfer to get his team going when some people where shouting he is a poor coach and have been found out in England,so what about now?

    • God bless you sissy zube. Our players are just not physically and mentally fit to compete with their rivals despite all the talents. Does anyone think Lyon is better than Chelsea? No!! Yet they stood toe-to-toe with MC yesterday, something ALL Premier League teams cannot do. That is a food for thought.

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