Date: 31st August 2018 at 12:57pm
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With August set to turn into September, at midnight, we are at that stage of the new season where the first manager of the month is set to be named.

Today, on the last day of August, the four nominees for the reward have been announced, with the candidates being:

• Javi Garcia (Watford)

• Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)

• Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur)

and, our very own

• Maurizio Sarri

By some strange quirk of fate, or it could even be common sense, the four nominees are in charge of the four teams that, in the opening three matches of the Premier League campaign, have a 100% record.

Which, in our opinion, makes the choice of a winner very difficult.

But, because of my strong dislike of everything related to Tottenham Hotspur or Liverpool, I’d give it to either Sarri or Garcia.

How about just flipping a coin, heads Sarri wins tails Garcia loses!

Seriously though, who do you think deserves the accolade for the month of August?

Please feel free to drop your nominations into the comments facility beneath this article.


4 Replies to “It Should Be Sarri In My Humble Opinion”

  • Comment It’s obviously going to be Liverpool. they’re only side yet to concede and that’s why

  • Mauricio pochettino,Reason being he/Tottenham have beaten a top contender for the premiership namely Manunited .

    • when you talk about Mauricio pochetino beaten man utd….. have you guys forgotten that they both have bean playing in this game for couple of years…..anyway
      I will go for Mauricio Sarri despite the fact that he is new in the system…..he has still managed to beat one of the big guns in the race which is arsenal and still managed to break down a well organized Newcastle defensive wall with his sarriball tactics.

  • I will go for sarri Mauricio because despite the fact that he is new in the league….He has still manage to beat atleast one of the big guns in england which is arsenal and also managed to break down a well organized defensive wall of Newcastle united……#sarriball

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