Date: 21st January 2013 at 4:35pm
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Saturday night I was away from the PC, the wife and I had gone away for the night, to enjoy each others company.

Those of you who have care of a young child will be aware that such moments are treasured, time gets lost in the hullaballoo that revolves around life with a young child in tow.

Sunday, it was back to normal, back in the chaos of the household, trying to juggle life`s necessities with a few pleasurable moments, one of which was the Arsenal game.

But my enjoyment of the game was marred by the antics of a few on our front page, namely those that continue to breed an air of negativity when it comes to getting behind the team.

Now, as you are probably all aware, I`m old school, I`ve been around the block a bit and during that journey I`ve seen the best and worse of our fine football club.

Continuing on an old school theme, I also tend to judge people by whether I`d, in a figurative way, want them next to me in the trenches, stood toe-to-toe in the face of the enemy in times of adversity.

Unfortunately, some of those who create that air of negativity are the last people I`d want by my side!

I`m still striving to comprehend how certain people who call themselves Chelsea fans can:-

1 – Hope the team loses because Torres starts.

2 – Hope that the same player picks up a bad injury so he doesn`t get played again.

3 – Infer they`re not bothering to watch the match now they know a certain player is in the starting eleven.

4 – Constantly berate a club legend who still has the name of our club etched into his heart.

5 – Bad-mouth players who are not even in the country and available to play for us at the moment.

Now I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

I could even go on and name the offenders but I`d hope they`re blushing now they`ve realized what they`ve done.

Yesterday DJDUTTS gave a few people a piece of his mind, quite rightly in my opinion, because I`m of the opinion that if you can`t get behind the team then you`ve no divine right to call yourself a Chelsea supporter.

This Wednesday evening we face a difficult trip as we attempt to rescue a Capital One Cup semi-final that has slipped away from us in the first leg. Retrieval of the situation will require an immense effort, now if we are to do so, wouldn`t it be better if we all pulled in a similar direction and we all got behind the team?

Because if we don`t display a united front it, in my view, makes us no different from the supporters of other clubs, and there was I thinking we were a class above them!