Date: 9th June 2017 at 4:34pm
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Soon to be ex-Chelsea striker Diego Costa yesterday played the card that countless Chelsea players have played over recent seasons.

He went over the head of the manager to the owner.

And for the first time ever – according to both The Sun and The Mirror – he was met with a stony silence.

Reports tell us that Roman Abramovich was dead set on the former manager being ‘The One` – the one who carried Chelsea forward into the future.

But when the former one lost the dressing room, he had to go.

As suspected and reported by this writer, things have been quite different this season, with the owner paying a prolonged visit to Antonio Conte in Cobham following Chelsea`s early season implosion v Arsenal.

There was no other way to view this than a huge vote of confidence for The Don.

We now also learn that several players tried to do what they always have done, which is to personally approach Mr Abramovich while he was at the training ground.

Each and every one was met with the firm demand that they confine their remarks to the manager.

It was perhaps the most important period in Chelsea`s recent history.

Never again will Chelsea players – megastars or otherwise – be able to go over the head of the manager.

And the owner`s confidence was quickly repaid as Conte`s Chelsea went on the long winning run that set up the Premiership title.

It remains to be seen whether the owner`s position also applies to the toxic meddling of some of the CFC board.

But there`s every reason to be optimistic.


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