Date: 18th February 2020 at 8:42am
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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the game I loved took such a wrong detour but last night, against Manchester United, the introduction of VAR certainly comes high up the list.

Games against Manchester United are always tough, a clash between two gladiatorial giants of the Premier League game is always awaited with a unique level of anticipation.

But, once the kick-off comes around, you can only hope that it is a level playing field for both sides.

Was that the case last night?

I’d suggest not!

Not since that dreadful night, in the Champions League, against Barcelona have I seen such a shabby display from the very officials that are supposed to ensure that playing field is kept level.

Okay, we lost 2-0 but the game could have been so different.

Manchester United should clearly have been reduced to 10-men when Harry Maguire decided to ensure Michy Batshuayi spoke an octave or two higher after being caught in the unmentionables by a boot.

Then we had to put up with the ludicrous VAR decisions, the most significant being the chalking off for a goal for a foul by Cesar Azpilicueta when our Spanish defender had clearly had a hand in his back forcing him towards the Manchester United defender.

But when it comes to VAR, it’s the offside decisions that really get to me.

Whereas previously, you had to be clearly offside for play to be stopped, now it seems an extra-long toe-nail, a floppy quiff of hair straying forward or being born with a larger nose than others seem to be reasons enough for the dictatorial figures who control VAR to exert their influence.

One day soon, things have to change, the supporters will grow tired of waiting for the go-ahead to celebrate a goal, of that I’m certain.

Meanwhile, we can only rue what has passed and look forward to Saturday when you know who is back at Stamford Bridge!

Up the Chels!

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5 Replies to “It’s VAR-CICAL For Chelsea”

  • Yea, var, but let’s face the real issue… Lampard has shown his level and the players has shown their level.

    The manager can raise the level of the players and players can raise the level of a manager.

    Currently, none of these is happening in Chelsea, that’s why we are where we are.

  • VAR is ruining our game remember the joy of a goal celebration not now you have to wait for var to look at every angle it’s basically crap as for Lampard getting stick what rubbish the problem is we over achieved at the start of the season if we had started poorly with a new young team and manager as expected and improved durIng the season say ended sixth it would have been thought of as a good campaign but if we now drop out of top four and end sixth then it’s a bad season next season is the one to hope for our team to improve my only disappointment from last night was Giroud not starting he has to Saturday if tammy is out ,bats has lost it think he needs to move on for the good of the club and himself

  • One more thing Kovacic was fantastic last night he worked so hard and Had a great game and even when injured battled one he’s a hard nut alright

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