Date: 18th December 2012 at 4:40pm
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I’ll try to keep this short but at the same time get my points across.

I think Chelsea have to do a major recall of some of our loanees come January, you can disagree and agree to this but its obvious that we are suffering from a lack of squad depth this half of the season. Having already blown away 3 trophies that were touted as a piece of cake, when are we going to have the chance again to compete for 8 trophies again in the immediate future with teams beefing up their squads and mounting worthy challenges?

First we need to buy a defensive midfielder in the mould of De Rossi or Fellaini, Yanns Mvilla too is another available option to give us steel that we have been lacking in the midfield since the glory days of our best defensive midfielder in the modern era in Michael Essien. We need to keep Torres out of our team and get a proper striker and getting Falcao, Theo Walcott and recalling Lukaku for the FA Cup and Europa league will be fair

Kevin De Bruyne will give us a new option from what we are used to as a central attacking midfielder, his style is different from mazacar and we can use the remaining half of the season to blood him into the team. We also have to recall one of McEachran or Chalobah for the same reasons, but I’d prefer it to be McEachran and he can play as a central midfielder for us in some games instead of Ramires.

Piazon should be given more game time in the FA Cup and the likes of KDB, whose time will be limited a bit, can be a given a shot there too, we can’t keep saying they won’t get game time when Fergie and Mancini find a way of rotating their squad to perfection, no wonder they are way ahead of us in the league table!

Chelsea have become too predictable and we need these players to add squad depth to the team and change our style a bit, Mata is too comfy in his role, so are Hazard and Torres, they don’t break their backs whilst playing for Chelsea, because they know they’ll be picked in the next game irrespective of their performances.

I think its safe to say January is a good time to bring in some real competition and make our squad more competitive, our stars finds it too easy getting picked when the likes of Anelka, Ballack, Tiago, even Deco had to burst their nuts to get picked at times. That is part of what is affecting our team, the ruthlessness isn`t there anymore and it needs to be addressed, we should take a cue from the buffalo herd or a bison’s herd, the weak ones get wittled down by the predators and the healthy ones keep the herd strong.

Let the best of the best players be in our 25 man squad and let them keep guessing who will start the next game so the competition can be fierce and let the weak ones who can’t handle the competition and standard set by the club should look for mid table teams where their demands are not as high as Chelsea’s and play there.

I am sick of players wriggling their backsides and taking a stroll on the pitch doing next to nothing and getting fat pay checks whilst players who earn £25,000 per week play their hearts out and make a fool out of the £175k, £150k earners week in week out, its heartbreaking and disheartening!