Date: 18th February 2016 at 5:10pm
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One rumour doing the rounds might just grab your imagination.

One local East London newspaper, the Brentwood Gazaette is inferring that our London rivals, West Ham United, might be planning a swoop to bring a marquee signing to the club ahead of their move to the Olympic Stadium at the end of the season.

The proposed signing is, are you waiting for this, John Terry.

The source is suggesting that having not been offered a contract by Chelsea, with his current one expiring in May, John Terry might be persuaded to move the move from West to East.

John Terry has already said he’d not contemplate playing for another English club, but could the chance to return to the part of London he grew up in tempt him, even more so if his contract were to stipulate he wouldn’t have to play against Chelsea.

Can you see John Terry wearing claret and blue next season?

I’d be very surprised if it were to happen, but then again, stranger thing shave happened in football.

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