Date: 23rd April 2014 at 2:00pm
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Hey guys I don`t often write articles but something baffles me.

Some of our fans don`t like Jose and his ‘style’ of football.

I have been a Chelsea fan since the days Glenn Hoddle was feeding Mark Stein through balls, I have seen the sexy football and my god let me tell you I love JOSE.

Yes sometimes he can be an idiot and make mistakes but what football manager hasn`t?

People on here bash Jose when we lose but when we win they congratulate the players! Jose hasnt lost to any of the top 4 this season yet doesn`t get full on recognition from some of our fans.

Yes we have had slip-ups at vital times but as a whole I have enjoyed this season for the last 2 seasons we have had a struggle in the league, and looked quite crappy at points Jose has steadied that ship and players like Hazard and Shurrle have benefitted from the way Jose has dealt with them.

We slate Jose for playing Dave at left back, yet he has been fantastic there this season. I just think many have short memories when it comes to Mourinho, the same short memories when it came to Lampard.

If someone is at our club and producing results no matter how it`s done they should be given love by us all. Our manager has us 2nd in the league and 1 foot into the Champions League Final and I believe next year, with a striker, we will dominate the Premier League with Jose in charge.

Yes he has made errors this season but when I see some fans bash him over these errors it makes me wish I could be some of these fans who have never made a wrong move in their life.

Jose is Chelsea, he loves the club and he loves his players. I have a friend who I can`t name for obvious reasons but he`s a youth player at Man United and do you know what he said. ‘I can see why Jose got rid of Mata’ and that`s coming from someone who sees a lot more than we do.

Sometimes it`s to easy to judge people just by a game or what`s read in the paper!