Date: 22nd November 2012 at 4:46pm
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Going through articles all over the web, still thinking of why Di Matteo was sacked when Pep was not going to come in I stumbled on a piece that really caught my eye and it explains a little bit more than what we see.

Aside from the fact that we all knew that RDM was not Roman’s choice but he had his hands tied, but Roman did not really give RDM a chance which is very unfair, The article goes further to say that RDM asked for Falcao but he was told no that he already had a good finisher in Torres (explains why Drogba, Kalou and Anelka all left in one season and no replacements) thereafter he watched videos of how Torres scored most of the goals for Liverpool and discovered he scored most with defence splitting passes.

Then there came the second problem, which was the players Abramovich bought did not fit into the Torres style of play while our players preferred to work their way into the box He was being forced to play Torres, which is an assumption but everyone seems to believe that as no normal manager will keep playing someone who only scored 4 goals in the league but that is what RDM did.

As for playing Hazard up front in Turin, Andy Townsend said that before the match he has never seen a squad so unmotivated before such a huge fixture, it also came to light that most of the players at Chelsea were in huge favour of Hazard leading the group as a false 9 rather than Fernando.

Also Torres was one of the first people to leave the bus when they got down at Cobham and he got into his car and drove off and also he didn’t speak much during the flight back.

What exactly did he want?

Too get a permanent start even when not delivering?

This guy has really not helped of late, people might disagree but I can put our recent slump on Torres.

Reasons are:-

1. He got a red card against United, he had not made most of it in the first place, then got two yellows and remember he should have gotten a red in the first half after stepping on a United player.

2. Liverpool – well as we all know he never does well against his old club that day was not any different .

3. Swansea – I did not recall seeing him during the match apart from the weak header he had on goal

4. West Brom (the worst of all) it is to note that Torres did not have any shot on target in that match and he played 60 minutes, I mean what the f**k does that say about a striker? He shows no passion or will or anything, utter madness if you ask me and if he started against Juve then it would have been very obvious that something is wrong.

If he had at least scored one goal in two of four games, things might have been different, I personally blame Didier Drogba for over shadowing him but we should not really have a lone striker with a fragile confidence, AVB tried, RDM tried, Ancellotti tried and all failed, I expect the same for Benitez and who ever still tries afterwards.

As for roman, he loves our club and has good intentions but some actions he takes haven`t been helpful lately and no matter what people say of how he has gotten us far, to me this is the worst decision he has made since Mourinho leaving.

His advisors need to be sacked because they are not doing their work properly.

RDM, well I knew he was going to stay short term and Pep was the main choice like @mq said or predicted. And results were not going his way lately BUT I did not expect him to be sacked by November and it was not justified as both Manchester clubs didn’t qualify last year when one had an easier group.

It is outrageous because the only logical reason for him to be fired is if Pep said he was ready to come back into coaching but did not happen, I may be quite young (17) but I know from my 10 year history of supporting the club that BENITEZ should not have been giving the job, remember the mess he got Inter in some years ago?

That undermines the fans a little though which is not doing us any good but still RDM should not have been sacked in the first place as we all agreed it was a transitional year for us and we were not doing so bad as we could still challenge for the league and get carling cup.

Now we all saw how our team has fared without the likes of Terry and Lampard and I just imagined if Ashley was not fit and how Bertrand would have been exposed, so for all of you wanting to get rid of the old guards think again, we have no other set of leaders yet and we must utilize the ones we have.

It is not a coincidence we haven’t been playing well since when both of them have not been around and not a coincidence that we played well in first half when Terry played.

Lastly we have a tough fixture on Sunday, I just hope we can win it because obviously Benitez does not know our players weaknesses nor strengths to pick the right squad on Sunday. And obviously the older players were his rivals back then and they definitely didn’t like him and I don’t see that changing.

We are going through a delicate phase and I sincerely don`t like the way it is being handled. I am hoping we have a plan soon. I just hope I can go to bed and wake up and all this will be over but guess we will have to bide our time for it to happen