Date: 17th July 2006 at 5:31pm
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An overseas media source, DiarioSport is claiming that Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, is preparing a massive bid for the Brazilian international.

Indeed, a figure of £70 million pound is being quoted as the prospective bid. Whilst this appears on the surface to be an astonishing amount of money, if true, it`s doubtful whether it would make even a small dent in our owners fortune.

Inevitably, the story has circulated once the fate of the Italian four became common knowledge. However, the fact that AC Milan did not suffer the indignity of relegation makes it appear to be a highly unlikely story.

Kaka, prior to the results of the investigation being announced, has stated that he would stay with Milan if they avoided relegation. Whether the Brazilian is so keen after his club were forced out of European competition remains unknown.

Inevitably, other names, most notably Real Madrid, are mentioned in the rumour but perhaps the biggest giveaway that it is purely speculation comes in the suggestion that Roman would be prepared to double any bid made by the Spanish giants. Quite why it`s felt to make this unnecessary point eludes us here at Vital Chelsea Towers.

Once again our view is that this rumour has an air of male cows muck about it and that we shouldn`t hold our breath too much waiting for the whole thing to unfold in front of our eyes.