Keenan Hits The Winner

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After being behind for a long time, thanks to a good goal from Adam Proudlock, Chelsea came back into the game courtesy of a goal from Phillip Younghusband. With time ebbing away, Joe Keenan latched onto a loose ball and hammered the ball home from some twenty yards.

Okay! The purists amongst you may argue that it took a deflection but we see that as some sort of poetic justice for a player that has been ravaged by injury in the last few years and has spent a lot of time out on loan.

Indeed, in a post match interview Joe probably hit the nail on the head when he intimated that he?d been watching Frank Lampard a lot recently and had decided to employ the same philosophy, namely, if you don?t buy a ticket for the lottery you are not going to win it.

I first met Joe several season?s ago. He?d almost broken into the first team when he suffered a serious leg injury. During his rehabilitation I often, being an early bird at Stamford Bridge, bumped into Joe as he walked behind the East Stand, off to do some muscle work or strengthening exercises in the fitness centre adjacent to the ground.

I can?t claim to have indulged in any lengthy conversations with Joe but he was always willing to exchange pleasantries and from that moment I?ve followed his career. Sent to Belgium on loan, for eighteen months, Joe returned after gaining valuable experience only to hit the ?loan? road again.

This time the destination was Brentford for a month. Although, when interviewed on Chelsea TV, he admitted he enjoyed the experience, he wasn?t happy about the lack of time he spent on the pitch. It appears that the Brentford manager, Martin Allen, prefers a long ball style with a squad who have a large physical presence.

When the month was up, Joe, in accordance with a decision agreed upon by both parties, returned to Chelsea. This season could be a make or break season for the midfield talent. Age, unfortunately, isn?t on his side and Joe needs things to happen for his career to progress.

Therefore, I?d like to take this opportunity to hope that the little bit of luck that came Joe?s way last night is the start of a spell that’ll propel him onwards and upwards. In times when we hear so many stories about the ugly side of football, wouldn?t it be nice if one of the nice guys could experience some of the better things the game has to offer?

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