Date: 7th February 2013 at 4:50pm
Written by:

I have been a visitor to and reader of this site for close to 4 years now.

Although I have written very few articles and comments, I love more to read the analysis / rumours / stories / feelings of our fellow Vital Chelsea mates out here in their articles and comments.

I can proudly say Vital Chelsea has got some really wonderful intellectuals here, most notably Mr. Merlin, GabeU and many others like desmondadonis, gaban, ken4cfc and even Mq for that matter too 😉

At times when I read their analyses and theories, I feel like knowing them in person. I imagine, writers Merlin and GabeU must be having encyclopaedic knowledge about the club and the club affairs and they sometimes predict the future aptly.

Inspired, I try to search them outside this forum but don’t get to know who they actually are or if they have any twitter / facebook accounts to follow too and make friends with if I am that much fortunate.

Sadly, as per my knowledge, I don`t think there’s a Vital Chelsea fan / community page in Facebook too where we can interact and know about ourselves in real lives.

Here, we are just ‘somebodies’ behind an account name.

So mates, don’t you feel we should make our community much stronger by knowing each other more better?

This can be done multiple ways one of which is starting a series like the ‘Tell Us about Yourself’ started by Merlin a few years back, but this time including questions about the real them and what they do in their lives, where they are from, etc.. I will really be happy to know many of my fellow members of this forum.

What do you say?

Editors Note – It seems like a grand idea to me, we`ll get this one started imminently shall we?