Date: 8th November 2019 at 12:05pm
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When it was announced that FIFA had handed Chelsea a two-transfer window ban, the news was greeted in either of two fashions.

There were those that thought it’d see the end of Chelsea as a top-six team, at least until the ban was served and there were those that saw it as a blessing in disguise and a chance, at long last, for Chelsea to give the youngsters that have come through the system the chance to shine at Chelsea as opposed to going out on loan.

At this stage of the season, it really does seem as if the two-window transfer ban was a blessing in disguise.

There’s something about Chelsea this season, a togetherness, something that has been missing in recent times.

The youngsters, having been given their chance, are shining, a fact demonstrated that Gareth Southgate’s latest England squad contains FIVE of them.

But there is a dilemma looming large on the horizon.

With the Court of Arbitration for Sport set to discuss the severity of our ban, it could well be lifted in time for the January transfer window.

One source, Talksport, is of the opinion that Chelsea, guided by Frank Lampard, will not if the ban is lifted, necessarily make any signings, such is the impact the youngsters have made.

Besides, would it not be better to wait until the summer when you take into account the old adage about January buys being panic buys.

If you were in charge, what would you do if the ban were to be lifted?

Would it be a case of buy or don’t buy?

If The Ban Is Lifted Before January, Should Lampard Buy?





Please feel free to drop your viewpoint into the comment facility beneath this article and we’ll see what the consensus of opinion among the Vital Chelsea fraternity is.

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84 Replies to “Lampard Could Face His First Major Chelsea Dilemma”

    • I would want them to buy so as to fill in the gaps of some missing link. The back four, especially 2&3,Azipilicueta’s crosses in their formation to the point man is always poor, No better crosses like in the era of Drogba for the point to do the finishing.
      As for the strikers I can’t really decide on them bcs there no thru balls to Tammy in most cases, if he gets regular supplies of the ball then we can see how he performs. He is good in the air but no supplies. As for the midfield,a ball holder is needed to compliment it. Someone who can hold the ball and others will make the run,Jorjihno is a good passer of the ball but he doesn’t mark when the opponent is on rampage and that makes him to commit fouls and even penalty in a match that is tough.

      • I will advice that Chelsea shelf the buying till the Summer to allows the younger one proved their skills bsc the barn allowed the Chelsea to knows that they have some talents loaned out to some club and this allowed them to get used now, but buy now will unable to get their potential

      • Don’t buy now, with this youth collection Chelsea are on their way to champions league glory. Buying players now will disorganized and damping the mood and moral’s of this captivated players.

  • I don’t think per now blues needs panic signings, we should wait for summer and buy after evaluation of current squad!

      • We’re just good the way we are. No need to buy. Allow the boys to continue playing together for better understanding. We’re witnessing the best Chelsea team play. Keep it up boys.

    • Don’t buy…the boys have already proved that they can.Let us don’t disturb their team spirit at least till the summer window!

      • I am of the opinion that we should still buy with all due respect to some positions we all are aware have been the weakest link in the team. Besides it keeps the team refreshed and the competition tense.

  • We don’t need to buy any player in January, the togetherness and the spirit of unity in the team should remain till the summer.

    • At least let’s watch the current squad but we must not forget we are conciding alot of goals.A full back could be necessary.Lets follow Mings for astonvilla fc

      • We just can’t undermine the fact the we pathetically need a good central defender & a natural number 10. Diego Costa definitely need a replacement in his capacity at least, or even better. A defender & a top 10 need simply cannot be overemphasized. A good good scorer in any team raises the probability of delivering goals to such a percentage as above 60, & we can’t boast of that now. Defensively, our porousness is glaring & there is higher probability of conceding goals than scoring them, goals difference cited on various competitive platforms. We most urgently need top defender & a top striker.

        • If we’re able to buy in January, I would support lampard for strengthening the back line, which means that we definitely need a specialist center back that’s all we really need

  • Chelsea may be doing very well at the moment but they have one of the worst defense in the league. Chelsea has conceded up to 17 goals in 11 matches played so far. They have conceded 6 or 7 times in the champions’ league so far. To me, strengthening the defence wont be a bad idea.

  • Solidarity for the young players at the bridge is commendable. Bringing in new players at Stamford bridge is of no use. Let’s give the young stars enough playing time.

  • The returning Toni Rudiger and RLC is like a new buy to chelsea !! Suppose Pedro and giroud leave in January. RLC and Batman are better back up !! No need to buy even in next summer let see this youths mature to reach the level of top clasic

    • Chelsea is stable as per now though we need some reinforcements in 3 parts, we need to sign a. goal keeper n release Cabarello, a winger(Jadon Sancho) to replace Pedro and a left back(Ben Chilwell) to replace Alonso

    • The present team has done well, to be honest all of them have performed beyond expectation but the truth is that are they as good as Man. City and Liverpool? The honest answer is no! As a matter of fact it will take 2 to 3 years before they can meet that class. The big question now is can Chelsea wait for 3 whole years? If yes, obviously that is not a good decision.

      The Club needs to manage the present team and see it mature to a world class team while still maintaining the top flight position in world football team ranking. Hence, the club needs to balance these by injecting 2 or 3 experienced world class players into the team. This will really help the young player gain experience and mature quickly while also helping the team to remain competitive and remaining on top.

      Chelsea needs a world class defender or more to completely correct all the errors experienced since the start of the season. Also, a creative midfielder is needed to help stabilize the team when under pressure and maintain control of every game. Moreover, a world class striker is also needed to help the young strikers learn fast and augment the effort if young lads. This will see them converting less than half chances into goals and always remaining on top of all competition.

      It is therefore important that Chelsea buy players if ban is lifted in January transfer window, bearing in mind that this present team, though very good lack the depth and strength to carry on competing through out the season in all competition. Besides, injury which is definitely part of the game might set in and this could spoil the whole effort of both the players and the technical crew if adequate care is not taken.

  • Chelsea should offload Giroud,Pedro, Barkley n even both left backs den replace Barkley with Guimares… replace both left backs with Chilwel n promote Ian to support Chilwel..n da business to end there.. Abraham n Batshuayi r okay upfront…Rudiger n RLC r jst like new signings….den we dominate Both premier league n Europe

  • Pls Frank don’t buy, instead sell Pedro, Alonso & Olivia. Then get us more fresh legs from our loanees. Thanks, in frank we trust.

  • Lampard is realy trying my worried now for chelsea is that we need a matured center back that will help organising our backline cos we are conceding many goals. Finally our home record is very poor. UP CHELSEA

  • Comment Pls don’t buy any player. These boys are playing fantastic football, the best Chelsea has ever had considering their ages. Any older players now would bring disunity and the high intensity football they are playing will drop. Frank is a great coach.

  • Chelsea should forget about buying for the now. let’s wait till summer. Nobody ever thought we could be where we are right now. Kudos to everyone at Chelsea fc

  • Though we are conceeding a lot of goals which shows that the weakest part of this current Chelsea team is the defense. But that not withstanding I will advise that the management forget buying now till the end of the season so that they can take time to analyze the team very well before buying. After all nobody expects us to win anything this year.

  • During the 50’s and 60’s CFC had great homegrowns, chopper, greavsie, venables, the cat etc.
    So with the squad now why run out and buy. Look who’s been sold from the current youth, many doing great.

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