Date: 8th November 2019 at 12:05pm
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When it was announced that FIFA had handed Chelsea a two-transfer window ban, the news was greeted in either of two fashions.

There were those that thought it’d see the end of Chelsea as a top-six team, at least until the ban was served and there were those that saw it as a blessing in disguise and a chance, at long last, for Chelsea to give the youngsters that have come through the system the chance to shine at Chelsea as opposed to going out on loan.

At this stage of the season, it really does seem as if the two-window transfer ban was a blessing in disguise.

There’s something about Chelsea this season, a togetherness, something that has been missing in recent times.

The youngsters, having been given their chance, are shining, a fact demonstrated that Gareth Southgate’s latest England squad contains FIVE of them.

But there is a dilemma looming large on the horizon.

With the Court of Arbitration for Sport set to discuss the severity of our ban, it could well be lifted in time for the January transfer window.

One source, Talksport, is of the opinion that Chelsea, guided by Frank Lampard, will not if the ban is lifted, necessarily make any signings, such is the impact the youngsters have made.

Besides, would it not be better to wait until the summer when you take into account the old adage about January buys being panic buys.

If you were in charge, what would you do if the ban were to be lifted?

Would it be a case of buy or don’t buy?

If The Ban Is Lifted Before January, Should Lampard Buy?





Please feel free to drop your viewpoint into the comment facility beneath this article and we’ll see what the consensus of opinion among the Vital Chelsea fraternity is.

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84 Replies to “Lampard Could Face His First Major Chelsea Dilemma”

  • Pedro, Giroud, should leave then bring in Zaha and Richarlison up front to fire up the attack. Alonso should leave and bring in another left back. For now I think we’re good and ready to be champions once again.

  • Don’t buy…the boys have already proved that they can.Let us don’t disturb their team spirit at least till the summer window!

  • There’s no point in making any new signings. Perhaps one at most but that’s it. No point spoiling the harmony and rhythm of the team at the moment.

  • We just can’t undermine the fact the we pathetically need a good central defender & a natural number 10. Diego Costa definitely need a replacement in his capacity at least, or even better. A defender & a top 10 need simply cannot be overemphasized. A good good scorer in any team raises the probability of delivering goals to such a percentage as above 60, & we can’t boast of that now. Defensively, our porousness is glaring & there is higher probability of conceding goals than scoring them, goals difference cited on various competitive platforms. We most urgently need top defender & a top striker.

  • Panic buying at this time may cause unrest in the dressing room and may not profit us.We should continue with this Young Lads cos they’re maturing every day. Please,do note that we may not win the EPL this Season but we shall be a very good profit Margins cos of the Ban in player’ s purchase.

  • Its noteworthy , the current squad is doing fantastically well, but we still need more recruits to enabling us compete with Liverpool and Man City . Ake , Chillwell ,Zaha And Sancho . Case closed .

  • Firstly, I commend Frank Lampard for a good coaching job he’s doing presently as we could see Chelsea team are better and stable for now. As an experienced player, I advise him to put more of his best to always take all our matches so serious, by delivering to us fans a long run of straight winning. In conclusion, he doesn’t need to do any panic buying of any player unless there is need to fill in the gap where so necessary.

  • If it happened that the ban be lifted before the next transfer window, I’ll still not like to see any new player coming to this squad. I’m in love with this team. Let the romance keeps getting higher everyday.

  • Yes for me i think a buy is important as giroud and Pedro their contract are going to expire during the summer,,,so we need to have replacement for them
    And for January is a good moment to make those new signing to adapt

  • Chelsea should not buy. Let it be a testing moment in the game of football and also let us see what the destinies of these players have for their future.

  • There’s no point buying bcus every of the lads has demonstrated good spirit, determination and commitment knowing the level of competition in the team apart from injuries the squad is well balanced and ready to deliver even with the departure of giroud and Pedro around the corner it gives room for more of the young lads to come through

  • I tink we need to buy but jst in d defence line rudigar needs an helper in case of injury also Alonso n azi jst gat to ve a backup for future purpose

  • I believe right now we are moving along great no need to buy in January. Once you have unity among the players you will have committment. Great is Chelsea and we will always prevail.

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