Date: 5th May 2018 at 12:24pm
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Are some things just destined to be?

It’s a question I’ve often mulled over in my head and a question that still perplexes me.

There are times when I’m convinced there’s nothing you can do to change fate, but other times I’m obsessed with the different routes there are for you to take in life, but do they all end up in the same place but via different avenues?

Today, relaxing on what could be the warmest Bank Holiday weekend, for this time of the year, the UK has ever had, I’ve stumbled across a piece of news that suggests the legend that is Frank Lampard is now ready to move into football management.

Frank who, courtesy of his achievements for our fine club, is always welcome to pop into my humble abode for a cup of tea, has been patiently doing his coaching badges at Cobham with Chelsea.

Our former midfielder and record all-time scorer, now has that much-valued ‘A’ Licence thereby opening up several new avenues in his professional life.

In an article in The Sun, talking about his next step, Frank is quoted as having remarked,

“Well I’m doing my coaching badges at the moment. I’ve spent a lot of time at Chelsea this year, gaining hours of experience.

“I’ve already managed to get my A Licence in coaching. So yes, with the right opportunity and right timing for me, I’d really take a very close look at it.”

In a week where his long-time rival, Steven Gerrard, has taken on the managerial role at Glasgow Rangers, it remains to be seen which club Frank takes the plunge with.

But, like I said in my opening gambits in this article, some things are just meant to be and, one day, I’m convinced that Gerrard and Lampard will be managing Liverpool and Chelsea respectively, it’s written in the wind, it’s their fate and it doesn’t matter which routes they take or how many avenues they journey down, it will happen.

Mark my words!

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