Date: 22nd February 2018 at 1:00pm
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Let`s cut to the quick on this one, let`s just end all the indecision, all the uncertainty and pull back from the contract talks that have been on-going between Chelsea and Thibaut Courtois.

Yet again, the insinuation is being bandied about inferring that Courtois and Real Madrid could be a marriage ready to be made this summer.

In fact, the gist of the situation is perfectly explained by the popular news vehicle, The Telegraph which is running with the inference that Real Madrid have asked Courtois to hold back signing a new deal at Stamford Bridge.

The Spaniards are obviously of the opinion that they can persuade the 25-year-old Belgian keeper to join them this summer, therefore fulfilling his desire to return to a city he has so many connections with.

On a similar theme, another news vehicle, The Mirror, carries an article that implies Courtois has confirmed his agent will listen to offers from La Liga.

Therefore, if that is the case, let`s cast Courtois adrift, take a world record fee for a goalkeeper from Real Madrid and spend the money wisely on getting a replacement, Jack Butland anybody?


14 Replies to “Let`s Just Cut the Crap and Sell Courtois Now”

  • let’s sell him for God sake, for me he’s not even good enough, no great save from him, any decent chance is a goal against us. big mouth player. talks more than his abilities.

  • Tibo is a good keeper and still young so he probably has it in him to improve even more. But I honestly wont be too bothered if we lose him. Lets just try our utmost best to keep Hazard if we can. Should Tibo go to madrid, there is no way Hazard also join them in the same year because we will not sell them two of our best players in the same summer. Tibo is funny though, CFC practically groomed him, took care of him since his teenage, carefully planned his progress, ousted a club legend (Cech) so he could become the club’s undisputed number 1. Even removed the goal keeper trainer because they were not getting on well. Everything has been done so far by the club to make him comfortable and express his talent. Now the club has offered him the wage to become the highest paid goal keeper in the EPL, yet he is openly flirting with Madrid. He cites his family as the reason for his preference for spain ( and I understand that ) but saying these things to the press is just practically begging Madrid to come and buy him, Disgusting actually. For me, he only ranks in the second tier of goal keepers behind Man united, Bayern , Atletico (and even Barca) goal keepers. I know he can and will probably still improve, but at the moment that is where he is – second tier goalkeeper that is quite close to the top tier. I am pretty confident if we sell in the summer (for around 50m most likely even with only 12 months left in his contract) we will get a good, if not a better replacement. Like i said before, Losing Hazard is what gives me jitters (not Tibo to be honest), if we can, lets do everything possible, go the extra length (offer him more money, sign world class players that will improve the team) to keep hazard…Forza!

  • Sell him… rubbish, won’t miss him one bit. De Gea would have stopped the goal we conceded against Barca on Tuesday; even Caballero would have stopped it…

  • I too say pull the plug. Let him go back to his family. Take the money and find a decent replacement. That’s the issue though, who comes in. Navas from Madrid, Alisson from Roma, Joe Hart….

  • Surely we can do better than Joe Hart, that?s similar to Andy Carroll replacing Bats, a step in the wrong direction.

  • This guy is shockingly arrogant. He’s a fraud that can never save a team when the defense has a bad day. He just hides behind the work of the defense. Let him go already. We should really get ourselves an Oblak or a De Gea. These are keepers that rescue their teams when the defense is out of sorts not this overrated 6 footer

  • How many times have we(members of VC forum) called his bluff. It’s obvious he wouldn’t be guarding our post had we the authority to do so. He thinks highly of himself but as @layorh12 rightly noted, he is a second tier keeper and should be ousted ASAP.

  • He hasn`t improved as a keeper from the day he arrived. Unfortunately he only ever makes saves that he is expected to, hardly ever does he pull off a miraculous save like Cech did time and time again throughout his Chelsea career. Get rid asap.

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