Date: 25th March 2012 at 12:15pm
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Well, I am now trying not to dwell on any more bad news that the players and the board are trying to dish out against the clubs loyal fans.

During this season I have sometimes felt that the players have some personal vendetta against Roman in particular and the fans in general.

The reason I am looking at the 2013-14 season is because I think that we missed the bus last season and this season as well.

Though a mass exodus of players will be expected during the summer, how big will this exodus be?

And, given the exodus will we be able to replenish the squad with the great quality considering the FFP and now that there are bigger sharks like Man City, Malaga, Monaco and some Asian teams?

How will we develop stability on the pitch with almost 70% new players and perhaps a new manager?

And lastly, will any manager of great pedigree ever want to work at CFC, considering the fate of Ancelotti and AVB?

If I were the board, I would try to solve some of the problems the following manner:

1. Manager: I don’t think RDM will keep his job in the next season. So if I were in the market for a new manager, than I would probably look to hire Martin O’ Neil as the new manager. He has a strong CV and can really develop the young and new players that would be put under him. He is tactically astute and has good relations with the press. His success in the Premier League with Aston Villa and Sunderland speaks for itself.

2. We need to buy players with great ability but not super stars. Superstars are difficult to manage. Players like Dyer and Sigurdssen from Swansea, will be a good shout. We already have creativity in the reserves from players like Piazon and Feruz. We have quality strikers in the reserves. I think it is high time that some of these players play the Premier League this season for at least a few games.

3. We need to write off title aspirations for the 2012-13 season: This should have been done last year or this year and utilized for squad development. If we expect to win silverware next season, than we will again have another hiring and firing session next year. Well, I am no guru in football like Kaku Frank or GabeU, and are purely from my experiences.

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