Date: 8th March 2012 at 4:34pm
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Pardon me if anyone else has written something similar but I’ve not seen it anywhere if they did.

I missed Saturday’s match due to a trip abroad and haven’t even been able to force myself to watch the ‘highlights’ so what I’m about to say may have applied then too.

Last night, at St Andrews against Birmingham, David Luiz was more than solid, he was uncompromising in almost an English style, using his speed and reading of the game to get to the ball before the attacker and then, most importantly, ‘launching it towards row Z’, where previously he’d get there first and try something fancy even though the attacker was still an immediate threat.

Now I don’t want David to turn into a Neanderthal centre back and completely bury the superb passing/ dribbling ability he has, but we all know that there’s a right time and place for that and it’s not when a pacey striker is a stride away and his supporting cast is pouring forward.

Someone (RDM?) has clearly had a word and I certainly welcome it; he can become a great centre back if the penny has finally dropped.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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