Date: 19th March 2017 at 1:23pm
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As you`d expect following his revelation that he`d not be signing the new contract placed on the table by Everton, Romelu Lukaku features heavily in the news this Sunday.

The 23-year-old striker, who got on the score-sheet again yesterday as Everton beat Hull City 4-0, is once again mentioned in the same sentence as Chelsea Football Club.

The good folk of the Daily Mail, are of the opinion that Chelsea lead the race to sign the Belgian international.

Those thoughts expressed by Lukaku, relating to unfinished business at Chelsea, could be behind their judgement call.

However whilst some pundits are pointing out that Everton don`t have to sell the player this summer as he still has two-years of his current contract to run, the Mirror, has unearthed what could be a defining factor when it comes to Lukaku`s future.

The referenced tabloid source is reporting that Lukaku has an agreement with the club that suggests that Everton would not stand in his way if he they cannot offer Champions League football next season.

As Shaw Taylor used to say – Keep-em peeled!


29 Replies to “Lukaku`s Exit Clause Gives Chelsea Hope”

  • In what world does Lukaku fit into a club like Chelsea? He’s a physical brute, to be sure, but his technical skills are awful. I’ve been watching with extra attention to the ball skills that our lads possess – and to be honest, I can’t believe that anyone believes that Lukaku could match the squad, stylistically. Methinks this is just headline generating material…

  • iTS TIME WE BROUGHT THE LAD HOME!! Whether we keep Diego or not I see Rom wanting to prove to himself and everyone Chelsea is where he wants to be. Drogs has always been the player he looks up to and wants to emulate and I think he could be better. Put him up on RW with freedom Eden has and let the 3 of them roam where they want. They would run riot if we had a couple of new creative players ensuring they were fed balls properly. Right now Cescy is our most creative lad and Conte just wont play him. Kante needs a strong technical partner who is good on and with the ball. Lets hope the summer brings us some players we really need.

  • In case nobody has been paying attention, “creativity” has been “phase 2” of almost every match this season. Conte has ensured that all players are in top physical condition. And let’s face it, we already have the type of players that have amazing stamina. (Willian, Pedro, Hazard, Conte, Moses, Alonso etc) So, the first 60 minutes consists of breaking teams down physically, by working them across the pitch, strenuously. The last half hour, tends to shift to more of a constant barrage, inside the opponents half, with the more “creative” side of our tactics. I can’t blame Conte for not using Fabregas more, because by the time that he’s brought on, most opponents are too tired to keep it up. Fabregas can then thrive, because he’s not the best defensive option, and his strengths are then capitalized. And then, we just pecker away, inside the opposition half, until the inevitable happens.

  • So it’s not a matter of Conte “refusing” to play Fabregas. It’s a matter of playing him wisely. Something Mourinho didn’t quite master.

  • @solid7, I think he can improve if he under Conte and with a plethora of our attacking options. Besides, he already has premiership experience and also a lifelong blue fan.

  • @solid7, I think he can improve under Conte and with the plethora of our attacking options. Besides, he already has premiership experience and also a lifelong blue fan.

  • Does it matter how much a player can improve, if he doesn’t match stylistically? I mean, Peter Crouch could probably improve under Antonio Conte, but does he fit the mould? From a stylistic perspective, a striker like Diego Costa is great, as would be someone like, Sergio Aguero. Lukaku is a charging bull. He has never shown even the slightest hint of finesse. That’s an expensive gamble, and not one that I’d take. Like I said, we already have Batshuayi, who shows much more promise of adding a technical dimension to his strength and speed.

  • Yes there are continued doubts about lukaku’s finesse on the ball and how his style will blend with our attacking players but then there is the fact this guy has lots of goals in him and everton are actually a good technically attacking team too and he has doing it for them consistently. I don’t think there is anything we are doing at chelsea that will be too much for him adapt really. If i ever have any doubts about him, it will be how tough mentally he is and how much work and running he is willing to do for the team.

  • Everton is NOT a good technical attacking team, from my perspective. They are a very direct team, who relies on strength. Their style of play, while creating lots of scoring chances, also leaves them very vulnerable, defensively. Were it not for a decent defence, they’d be hurting. Lukaku’s style of play suits a scrappy team, but given what you’ve just admitted, I’m a little surprised that you’d advocate spending the kind of money that he’s being valued at right now. (much less be enthusiastic about it) For the kind of money that some think Lukaku is worth, wouldn’t it be better to keep leaning on Alexis Sanchez – and in him, have a UCL ready player? Stylistically, he’d suit our squad to a “T”. And as for mentality… If you didn’t watch him in the Copa America vs Argentina the last few years, you missed out on what a warrior mentality is all about.

  • “@solid7, I think he can improve under Conte and with the plethora of our attacking options. Besides, he already has premiership experience and also a lifelong blue fan.”

    Agreed & share your sentiments @Chistan but if you followed articles about Romelu on this platform around 2013/14 I can recall that there is no love lost between him & @Solid7, most especially all those comments attributed to him as “complete striker”, reluctance to compete ‘cos of presence of Costa & others etc. I personally agreed with @Stamford then when Romelu’s verbal diarrhea was too much so wanted to see his back. But it is a different scenario now as he wants to play CL & win trophies with a big club. He is more experienced now & could still improve under Conte most especially if Costa will move on to China. So if Conte likes him & the board conclude the deal, he will get his chance to prove his doubters wrong. I read elsewhere that Drogs is involved by the board in a bid to bring him back, the bookies are now somehow unanimous that Chelsea is the overwhelming favorite to sign him. @Solid7 & like minds could be a lot happier I guess if “The Kraken” starts banging in the goals & prove them wrong. Anyway I wish this summer recruitment will be the best we ever have. KTBFFH!!!

  • Riola doesn’t seem to like chelsea. His players are way too expensive and he’s kind of partnering Jose’s united project. But my stance on Lukaku is shifting lately considering his soaring scoring rate. costa for God’s sake is only a one goal per game player who switches off after getting his goal. Lukaku is an all season striker but costa has proven again to switch off in the 2nd half of the season. he’s very young and constitute a better investment but I personally think Batshuayi would be great when given the chance. He’ll be far amazing in his pomp considering he’s quick, hungry and very skillful. more of a stronger Eto’o.

  • @Jerry Blues – you have incorrectly attributed quotes to me. I have no interest in Lukaku ever coming back to CFC. I’m not interested in utilizing our resources to develop him. That’s his own responsibility, to develop himself, and present himself as the “complete” striker that he’s touted himself to be. If the board feels the need to bring him back, I’ll bite my tongue and accept him as a player – and he’ll get a fair chance to make a fresh start – but I’m not going to actively wish to have him back. Not when he is so different to the type of striker that we have, and that our squad would perform with. To bring Lukaku into our squad right now, with the players that we have, we might as well bring back Fernando Torres. Lukaku doesn’t have the skill or intelligence to play with our front line. As I mentioned before, our board should be lusting for a player like (if not) Alexis Sanchez. I’m not one to get all football manager-y, but for the money, that’s the one – not clumsy Lukaku.

  • Who cares about “stylistically” or physical brute, that is for Conte to decide. What is important to us is a striker who can score goals consistently and Lukaku has proven to be one, whether by physical brute or mental force is irrelevant. Can he score goals? If the answer is yes, get him…

  • I wouldn’t pay £70 for him. He hasn’t and never will have the technical ability to play for Chelsea. His touch and link up play is terrible and he would be useless against a deep-lying defence, which is mostly what we’re up against.

  • @Latunvic – LOL. No point even trying to point out any sort of logic to you. You’re right. Any striker than can score goals will just blend seamlessly into any team, anywhere. Just like you’d use a sand wedge on a fairway. Great mind, mate.

  • Yes everton is an attacking team and quite technical and as it is expected in the prem, a team has to possess a good degree of physicality. Nobody wishes to spend £70mil on lukaku but in todays market, everything is overblown, to get him, we will have to spend top money. I however agree with you on sanchez, i hope we can test the waters for him but we should be prepared for a long transfer struggle as i am sure that’s what arsenal will make of it. Also, yea i saw him in copa america and that ‘warrior mentality’ thingy, i found more in Vidal.

  • @Solid7 you know Alexis is not out & out striker like Lukaku so even when Costa is leaving he isn’t the one to replace him. Anyway I only quoted @Chistan & went on a memory lane especially those I think you shared same sentiments with such as @Stamford D Lion way back 2013/14 & 2014/15 seasons. My take is anyone that Conte agrees having been carried along as opposed to the exclusive decision of Marina/Emenalo. So if it’s Lukaku in Conte’s view so be it; or if it’s Morata, Mbappe, Belloti so be it. I’m already thrilled by reports on another thread that Monaco’s Tiemoue Bakayoko wants to join us. That’s a welcome devt as he is exactly the type of CM we need since Veratti /Kante combo will leave us with aerial deficiency, & can compete with Matic, Kante, Fabregas & Chalobah on four fronts next season doesn’t matter if one of Cesc or Matic decide to move on. KTBFFH!!!

  • we just need a player who can put the ball in the net and if conte sees that in Lukaku, so be it.

  • @Jerry Blues – Alexis Sanchez can play any position forward of center, with no problem whatsoever. He’s demonstrated it for both club and country. EPL alone, 47 goals in 92 appearances. He’s a better goal scorer than most “out-and-out” strikers in ANY league. And he’s UCL proven. So one last time – for the same kind of money that’s being quoted for Lukaku, you would really not try for something better than Lukaku? I’m just wondering how this is going to go when Mr. Clumsy feet comes back, and can’t score the same number of goals that he scores for Everton… This could get interesting. We couldn’t make make Torres work, due to “stylistic” incongruities. Should be fun. (at least in the discussion forum)

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