Date: 29th July 2014 at 7:55pm
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Thanks to the otherwise frugal enigma called Jose Mourinho, Chelsea may have dodged a Shaw bullet…

When Chelsea fan and former Southampton starlet, Luke Shaw became the buzzword -okay, buzz name in this case – in any left back transfer tittle tattle amongst the English media and the original ‘top four’ clubs of English football seeking a left back, namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United (in alphabetical order, of course. What else?), it seemed as though he’d end up at our FFP-friendly club until The Saints decided they could fleece everyone as they ended up doing the Scousers…by slapping a funny price tag of £30m on the teenager!

Of course, by that time a certain ‘Chosen One’ David Moyes was still experimenting in Manchester; the ‘hitherto’ thrifty Arsene Wenger was hardly impressed and would have none of the hype; Brendan Rodgers still does not rate defenders as vital parts of the game anyway, and if he ever owned a club may never ever buy one close to the £4m he paid for one Ricky Lambert, trust me; and, thankfully, Jose Mourinho who spent the last three years of his career in Spanish football and played champions Atletico Madrid twice in the space of 13 days as his European dream was essentially truncated by the deft industry of two full backs – Juan Fran and Filipe Luis – had other ideas!

Enter Dutchman Louis Van Gaal, fresh from the lull of international football management and out of desperation and fear of the unknown and in keeping with the Red Devil’s transfer policy, gaboooom, the expensive Southampton bait was summarily taken hook, line and sinker, and Luke Shaw became a Manchester United player much to the relief of most Chelsea fans; that the apparently overrated kid although a self-professed Chelsea fan himself had signed for the ‘biggest club in the world’ situated in the north of our great country.

But just yesterday, Van Gaal who is one of the greatest masterminds in the modern game (and one of Mourinho’s mentors) has declared the player, who took a massive £27m out of his reported £200m war-chest as the most expensive teenager in the history of the sport, unfit for purpose!

Hear him:

“I am always a trainer who sees the individuals and what each player needs,” Van Gaal told reporters when quizzed about why Shaw was training alone. “

“Luke needs to be fit and he’s not very fit and can’t perform how I want. He needs to be fit and to train individually.”

“I can’t judge why [no injury has been reported]. I see what I see. I have spoken with him
and we have made a programme with him. He has agreed.”

Shaw thing, he had better agreed lest his chickens come home to roost too soon; with just a little over a fortnight before the season kicks off and with the Special One’s recent comments on the kid, doesn’t it Luke to you like we shrewdly dodged a red hot devilish bullet whilst with the same stroke gaining one of the best left backs in the business at a cool fraction?

Time, I guess, will tell though at this moment it’s safe to say Mourinho knows exactly what he’s doing; looks like we’re having our Chelsea back after all.