Date: 22nd August 2017 at 11:11am
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Despite all his bravado and continued insistence that he is not going to return to Chelsea Football Club, not even to clear his locker out, it appears that Diego Costa is going to have to eat a large slice of humble pie.,

According to the leading tabloid publication this nation produces, The Sun, the Brazilian born Spanish international striker has been ordered by Atletico Madrid to make peace with Chelsea Football Club.

Apparently, the Spanish club have insisted that any deal, said to be around the £25 million mark, will not be done unless the 28-year-old complies with their wishes.

With Atletico Madrid the only club that Diego Costa wants to sign for, he`d better get his back-side back to Cobham then.


15 Replies to “Madrid Tell Costa to Get Back to Chelsea”

  • Merlin wish chelsea can hold the ingrate a little longer if not that ts going to affect the other guys.Atletico wants 25 million for him what if monaco comes with 60 mill.

  • Costa: But speaking last Friday, Costa told ESPN: “If Atletico and Chelsea don’t come to an agreement and Atletico don’t make a big effort, I can’t keep on wanting to play for a club that isn’t going to make a bigger effort to try and sign me.”

  • he takes order from Athhletic Madrid he will likely ruin his career if he doesn’t want to act like a professional.

  • As i said numerous times about this issue. We need to f**K this guy so hard no player should every think about using underhand tactics to force a move from CFC in the future. If we allow this idiot to get away with it then it will occur each and every year with some player. Don’t believe his innocent victim act. Costa and Mendes was plotting this whole drama from last december itself. Costa illegally met simeone last december itself. AM will not pay market price. They never pays the proper asking price if the selling club is wealthy. They will use all kind of poverty and under hand nonsense to reduce the price of the player. In this insane market the minimum floor price for costa should be 40 to 60M. More importantly we must not allow him to dictate the terms about which team he wants to go and how much AM can or cant pay. If we allow it next year RM will tap up hazard and tell him to go on strike so that we can buy u for 45M and we will pay u silly money as salary. Every player will start doing it. If costa wants to come anywhere near CFC first team again he needs to first give a unconditional apology for his behavior towards conte and cfc. Second he must accept and agree he will not ask for a move before summer. Other wise just dump his a$$ in reserves for his entire contract.

  • For 25M AM can **** off. Nobody at CFC will even take a loot at that offer. Its better to keep costa rot in reserves for 2 years and take the financial hit. If we accept this 25M then it will have huge consequences for CFC in future with players like hazard, TC etc. Its better to take the hit of 25M and dumb his ass in reserves for 2 years than selling him for AM. Or we should sell him to any club bar AM. We should not encourage this kind of behavior from either a club or a player in future.

  • He doesn’t even have Brazil to fall back on in his twilight years, since he snubbed them on the national team selection. LOL. What a dumbass.

  • There’s no bigger punishment for a player, than to make his name synonymous with “toxic”. We could sell him to Milan. Or, we could play his game, let him – through his own indiscipline – get fat and out of shape, and effectively ruin his own career. He started the process, but now, it’s as simple as handing him a length of rope. He’ll do the rest.

  • @Blue_Mel – one only needs to read your historical posts to see “what you know”. Mr Messi to Chelsea… LOL

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