Date: 12th December 2017 at 7:44am
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A second game Premier League game, in a matter of days, beckons for Chelsea this evening.

After an away fixture against West Ham United yielded nothing but disappointment, the Chelsea support, on what will be a very cold night, weather-wise, will be looking for the team to get back to winning ways.

Tonight, in sub-zero temperatures and in what will be a hostile atmosphere, we`ll see who is really up for the fight.

As is the norm, we`re running our Match Day Moments feature whereby we invite you to offer your opinions on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the big game.

2 – The starting eleven selected by Antonio Conte.

3 – The action as it happens up in Yorkshire.

4 – Your thoughts in the immediate period between the final whistle sounding and the match report appearing on Vital Chelsea.

Hopefully, we`ll all go off to bed tonight with smiles on our faces as opposed to frowns!


55 Replies to “Match Day Moments – Huddersfield (a)”

  • Chelsea starting XI: Courtois, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rudiger, Moses, Kante, Bakayoko, Alonso, Pedro, Hazard, Willian.

    Chelsea subs: Caballero, Cahill, Ampadu, Drinkwater, Fabregas, Musonda, Batshuayi.

  • No bats & no Drinkwater I?m surprised. It?s obvious that Bats race has run with Conte, we need to move him on and find a suitable replacement.

  • Why is Bakayoko starting when DD is available to play? I hope this turns out well for us. I feel so sorry for Mitchy, I’m not sure why Conte doesn’t trust him. I think Mitchy needs to leave or we sell him. No point wasting his time and a spot in the squad…

  • The mind boggles why Bakayoko starts and DD is on the bench ?. Poor Mitchy, considering Morata has been off form, can he be any worse ?, at least he is more physical upfront .

  • Game underway, every small team will have to copy WestHam approach now…. Same with Huddersfield-town now. Their entire players behind the ball bar one. We need to beat such negative tactics consistently or get frustrated.

  • The space is on the right. Willian should be RWB where he can go past the full back, Moses couldn’t beat an egg.

  • Bakayokoooooo! 1-Nil Chelsea. More of that howler from their keeper….. Our persistent pressure finally pays off.

  • Man, bakayoko is so bad. How did he not score twice on that goal? How come he didn’t pass himself the ball for it so he could get an assist and a goal! Lol. Well done lad. Wish you guys would allow a young man time to adjust. It’s not like everyone else is playing amazing football and he’s holding us back.

  • Goal from an unlikely source….. Common go ahead & prove us wrong Baka, it’s good for all. KTBFFH!!!

  • Eric i agree, Baka will be a monster, it just seemed strange with a fully fit DD, that he got the nod, however the other side of the coin is that he needs confidence, which he can only get by playing , and today he is having a good game . The goal must have really boosted him . He can only grow and get better with more games . Also the same argument i would use for Mitchy.

  • Williannnnnnn! 2-Nil Chelsea! Well done Azpilicueta for that long range to Alonso who controlled & found Willian in the box for the finish. KTBFFH!!!

  • Rudiger is so much better than Cahill. He can actually defend and pass the ball to someone other than our keeper

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