Date: 24th November 2018 at 10:00am
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Unbeaten, in all competitions, this season, Chelsea make the short trip to north-west London, this Saturday, to take on Tottenham Hotspur.

It is a fixture steeped deep in tradition and rivalry and a game that many look forward to.

Being played in the national stadium, instead of at an unfinished White Hart Lane, only serves to add extra spice to the game.

Even more so when you consider Chelsea’s results, at Wembley, against Tottenham Hotspur in recent times.

As is the norm, here at Vital Chelsea, we’re running our regular Match Day Moments feature whereby we invite you to offer your point of view on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the huge game.

2 – The starting eleven selected by Maurizio Sarri

3 – The action as it happens at Wembley.

4 – Your thoughts in the immediate period after the final whistle sounds.

Will Chelsea make it 13 games unbeaten at the start of the 2018 / 2019 Premier League season, or are Tottenham Hotspur destined to be the side who bring that run to a crashing halt.

I guess, today, we’ll find out!

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18 Replies to “Match Day Moments – Premier League – Tottenham Hotspur (A)”

  • We’re playing bad here second best everywhere these international breaks don’t suit us next goal vital needs to be us

  • When you keep being reminded by the manager about last season gap and being told it is not possible to close that gap in one season then you know you have nothing to look forward to.

  • Kepa could have done better on the first if he had kept his hands a bit higher up to start with, got totally fooled by Luiz’s dummy on the 2nd & made 3 really good saves in the first half …. that’s way too much action for our goalie to have in a single half …. shows our defence has been really bad so far. Luiz has had a role in conceding both goals.

  • Of all the teams to loose to but the way we played is inexcusable the worst display of the season no fight no passion didn’t play like a derby I’m not happy can we now expect dodgy performances after all international breaks

  • The writing was on the wall when we played Everton. Now I here some players don’t like spending time in the gym and the manager support it, then you wonder why our play is so casual at times.

  • I told you before Sarri was a shit manager. You can let the clowns run the circus, and it will be entertaining for awhile; but eventually, the truth reveals itself. Sarri is the Italian Guus Hiddink. But then, with this group, it really doesn’t seem to matter who the manager is.

  • @ Solid, I now totally agree with you. This manager looks like a really clown. He keeps talking about mancity finishing 30 points above Chelsea last season and how it’s impossible to close the gap in one season, he forgets that Chelsea were the champions prior to last season. What he actually indirectly tells players is that they do not need to work any harder. The man doesn’t inspire at all. He is even supporting players who want to avoid gym and you wonder why our players can not withstand physical side of games. The man has very casual approach. He will realize too late that he needs to be firm with players not seeking popularity from them. The statements he makes during press conferences filter through to players. That is the reason why all of a sudden there is a sudden change, players are so casual because they know he doesn’t care at all.

  • By the way, it is not that we don’t expect to lose games no, it is the manner of losing those games. Anybody can tell when players have put in their best but it is not their day and that can be appreciated. Only Kante tried to work hard today but unfortunately he is misplaced for some clown of a holding midfielder who cannot protect the back four.

  • The man was put in place because he won’t upset the Apple cart. He won’t complain to the boss that he’s (dear leader Abramovich) a complete idiot when it comes to football. He won’t get upset that he’s expected to win, but can’t bring in players that will work hard for him, and not challenge authority. Her won’t piss and moan about not being given resources to do his job. And he won’t win squat. The problem is still a top down problem.

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