Date: 23rd January 2013 at 4:40pm
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Now this is the acid test!

On the pitch we`ll all be hoping that Chelsea can over-turn a 2-0 first leg deficit whilst off the pitch I`ll be keeping my beady-eye on the comments being posted in order to reclaim this sites integrity – you`ve been warned!

The Liberty Stadium tonight will be a cauldron, there`ll be thousands of Welshmen believing that they`ll be heading off to Wembley Stadium, next month, to take on Bradford City in the Capital One Cup semi-final, can we silence them but at the same time probably incurring their wrath?

I`d like to think so, we have the pedigree but do we have the balls to go into the dragons den and drain their bellies of fire?

I guess we`ll see as soon as the action commences tonight, so why not join us from 19:00 hours onwards as we start the build up to the fixture, discuss the starting eleven picked by Rafa the Gaffer and then discuss the action as it unfolds before our very eyes.

Cometh the final whistle we`ll know if it is us or Swansea who`ll be taking on the perennial under-dogs that Bradford seem to have been in this competition.

On a personal level, I`ll also have an indication of how the membership have reacted t my warnings and how many might, if the mood takes me, be heading for the exit door – remember, you have been warned!