Date: 24th December 2012 at 3:47pm
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As Christmas Eve ebbs away and we head towards Christmas Day, I`d just like to say a few words.

As the editor of this site I think it`s fair to say I donate a lot of my spare time to keeping it on the straight and narrow and also composing the numerous articles that keep the site rolling along at a fair pace. In doing so, I probably, at times, neglect my family somewhat, although they`d never actually tell me that.

So, first on the list of thanks this year, for ensuring it has been another bumper twelve months on the site are my lovely wife Sharon, my children Ross and Charlie and my lovely grandson Mackenzie.

Second on the list are you lot. Without you lot this site wouldn`t be what it is. Okay, sometimes matters border on getting out of hand, but on the whole you are a decent lot, so, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and it is everything you dream of.

I`d also like to thank those on the editorial team that have assisted me, including those who no longer have the time to generate articles like they used to, your spirit lives on in this site. I`d also like to thank Gabeu for his contributions since agreeing to join the team.

Finally, I`d like to thank Chelsea Football Club for providing the inspiration to keep this site active, apart from my gorgeous wife, they are the love of my life and I`m sure you`ll all agree with me when I say things don`t get any better than that wonderful night of 19th May 2012, in the Allianz Arena in Munich. For someone, who back in the eighties never dreamed we`d win a top flight title, let alone some distant thing called the Champions League, it provided, quite possibly, the night of my life.

God bless you all and enjoy your Christmas Day.