Date: 21st June 2017 at 9:55am
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Speculation in one tabloid source implies that Chelsea are close to signing a winger.

According to the Daily Star, the winger in question is Adama Traore.

Twenty-one-year-old Traore is currently on the books of Middlesbrough, a side who were relegated from the Premier League last season.

Those of you who saw him play will recall that he has lightning quick pace, often leaving defenders trailing in his wake.

However, you may also recall that the player, more often than not, lacked an end product.

In many ways he reminds me of Jesper Gronkjaer, a Danish winger who played for Chelsea.

Gronkjaer also had searing pace that left opposition defenders in his wake but also had problems when it came to an end product, quite often running out of pitch space.

But, Traore, at just twenty-one, is still learning and if Antonio Conte can help him improve the end-product part of his game, Chelsea might just be able to turn Adama Traore into a player other teams will hate to face.

Mini Fact-File – Adama Traore

Full Name – Adama TraorĂ© Diarra

Date of Birth – 25 January 1996

Place of Birth – L`Hospitalet, Spain

Height – Five feet ten inches

Position – Winger

Current Club – Middlesbrough

Youth Career – Hospitalet, Barcelona

Previous Clubs – Barcelona B, Barcelona, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough

International Career – Spain U16, U17, U19

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13 Replies to “Middlesbrough Winger Heading to Chelsea?”

  • I love adama traore. He’s a nice lad and a joy to behold against any opposition defense. Very hard to play against, skillful and tricky with the ball. I feel he’s way above the club that currently have him in their books. He’s got the potential to become a world class star. Always a threat with the ball. However, the end product being poor can be justified in that he plays for a below average team. Even hazard would find it hard if he were to be in same shoe as adama. Adama’s got what it takes to tear opposition defense to shreds in a partnership I can only imagine with either of hazard and pedro under the tutelage of the Don. I reckon we sign him up. He’d go on to prove the signing of the season just like Kante.

  • I like the guy. Hopefully Conte can put him in some special classes about quick decision making or making a pass. He would be a gem of a player

  • Nobody doubted his attacking qualities not even at Barcelona. Aside end product which I believe the don can tidy that aspect well, his problem has always been attitudinal. His off the ball efforts being number one on that list, doesn’t put in defensive shifts even after loosing possession in dangerous areas, & very often going flashy when what’s required was to square a direct pass to kill off the move. If he can embrace the work work work policy of the don with good mindset ready to keep his head down & step up a gear or two, i believe he can even surpass Hazard sooner rather than later pls. KTBFFH!!!

  • we are tired of average players. At this stage it is upgrades we are yearning for not this one please. only a goal the whole season as a forward is criminal.

  • This guy is average today because he is playing in an average team. If he gets to play in a great team like Chelsea, he has the potential to be a great player. Age is still on his side.

  • Why sell one Traore and than buy a lesser Traore, if this guy is so great why aren’t other teams after him ?, he did nothing against us or anyone else really , this is the type of player you sign when you miss out on the champions league not get back in it.

  • No thank you, on this one. Quick feet, and furiously fast – but nothing more. Everyone thinks that we can just throw any player at Antonio Conte, and he’ll perform a miracle. But that isn’t reality. Given a choice of experimenting with a player of unknown willingness, vs hand picking one that matches a specific profile, nobody is going to want the reject/misfit. Traore doesn’t fit in anywhere he goes, and quite frankly, I don’t really care to know why.

  • @Jerry blues I agree with you on your submissions concerning Adama. what amazes me most is his lightening quick pace and what frustrates me most is his end product. I suggest we get him after all he won’t cost much and see if he can fit into Conte’s idea of football.

  • We should not even be looking at players like this, he is a downgrade on Moses, poor finishing ect, if he was so good, Arsenal, City, United even Everton and Spurs would be after him , even Newcastle are not even looking at him .Probably end up getting him anyway.

  • I remember posting something about earlier in the season, to the affect that he has pace, skill etc but lacks a final ball. However he just might be worth a punt at the right price

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