Date: 26th December 2012 at 7:10pm
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The topic of Mikel is a contentious one and polarising.

While I rate him as a player I find myself leaning, if ever so slightly to those who says Mikel does not suit the style of play Chelsea are moving towards.

I also have a strong suspicion that the club re-signed him so that they get a better price on him when they do sell him. Having said that I also think Mikel’s career was spoilt by Chelsea and he should save it by moving to the Serie A, as it would be a place where his traits are more valued.

If we do sell him (not that I`m dying to see it happen), I think Wanayama (Celtic) would be the ideal replacement and would add that steel in our midfield like Essien used to and Yaya Toure does for City.

We could land him at just £12-15nillion and I think Mikel`s sale would cover the cost and ma be even result in a profit (with a faster younger and some would say better player).

I`d hate to see manure snap him up for peanuts.

Would you (the reader) make a move for him?