Date: 11th September 2017 at 4:30pm
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The furore over the football-ditty the travelling support sang about Alvaro Morata at Leicester City, on Saturday, continues.

Ahead of our Champions League fixture against FK Qarabag this Tuesday evening, the club has issued a warning about those who persist in singing the ditty.

Chelsea`s director of communications, Steve Atkin, has suggested that the “Strongest possible action” will be taken against those found singing it, further adding in a statement issued to the media,

‘People should know that the police will be involved. We must be clear on this because it has to stop.

‘Chelsea Football Club finds all form of discrimination abhorrent. The language used in that song is totally unacceptable.

‘People that use this kind of language against others always try and argue a grey area. There is no grey area. That language used was anti-Semitic. We have a zero tolerance towards it.’

As a consequence, anybody found singing the song faces a banning order from Stamford Bridge.

We have all been warned!


5 Replies to “Morata Song Will NOT Be Tolerated”

  • Absolutely agree, the `Y` word in the context that it is sung, is anti semitic, which is ultimately OFFENSIVE. But I put it to the club, that constantly being called a `rent boy`, might not be anti semitic, but it is also OFFENSIVE to many. So why do Chelsea Football Club not say or do anything about curbing it. They have been contacted time and time again in relation to this chant, but do nothing about it, even allowing Liverpool and the two Manchester clubs to sing Chelsea Rent Boys at us at Stamford Bridge. So its time to stand up Buck and Co. and show some consistency.

  • Whilst the Chelsea supporters were definitely referring to Spurs and not Jewish people it was still ludicrous to sing the song especially as Chelsea have announced in the stadium during past games using the Y word will not be tolerated. There has been a massive campaign to remove the word from football grounds. Since the people singing the song go to virtually every game they must have know they should not be using the word. It was crazy to embarrass Chelsea like that and will still being used against us in 10 years time along with the infamous Paris incident.

  • To be a rent boy, means that you are a homosexual and are willing to sell your body to another man. Which if that is ones choice, then so be it. But when opposing fans hurl `Chelsea Rent Boys` at us, it is aimed at us in a detrimental way, assuming that we are all willing to sell our bodies to other men, which is highly offensive to many of us. Just like the `Y` word when sung by Spurs fans, it is deemed ok, because it is not sung in an offensive context, as opposed to other teams fans singing it. So Chelsea Football Club, the FA, the Police and the media need to identify that being labelled a `rent boy` needs to be halted immediately if they want to be taken seriously in their quest of stamping out all offensive abuse, whatever guise it might take.

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