Date: 19th April 2017 at 12:39pm
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Although we`ve no reason to believe that, come the end of the season, Antonio Conte will decide to leave Chelsea Football Club, speculation relating to the future of the Italian continues to fill column inches across Europe.

The latest media vehicle to jump on the Conte is leaving bandwagon is the Italian media vehicle, Gazzetta.

Our referenced source calmly points out that Inter Milan are set to offer the next incumbent of their managerial role a salary of the magnitude of £41.8 million, a huge enticement.

However, before we all start worrying that Conte could decide to throw the towel in as Stamford Bridge and head for the San Siro to manage Inter Milan, we should point out that our referenced source also infers that the current Atletico Madrid boss, Diego Simeone, could be the one chosen to lead Inter Milan back into the golden age of football they once occupied.

Sat here in the editorial chair, I`m not too worried about Conte`s future, after all he`s been bitten by the Chelsea bug has he not!


2 Replies to “More Conte to Milan Talk”

  • He ain’t going nowhere & has said it himself during one of his recent interviews. Can’t understand why the press don’t take no for an answer. Or are they looking to concoct stories in a bid to sell their papers or what? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew!!!

  • Gazzata is an Inter mouthpiece just like Marca is for Real, its tapping up through the media basically .

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