Mourinho Like Ferguson?

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David Beckham has said that Jose Mourinho is like his former manager at Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson.

He said: ‘Mourinho is the one who takes all the pressure and that is very important. It’s what Sir Alex Ferguson was like when I was at United. He took all the pressure off the players and when you’ve got someone like that you’re able to go out on the pitch and not worry about anything else.’

Beckham also disagrees with people saying Chelsea have bought the league. His said, in the Daily Star: ‘People have said Chelsea have bought the title but they haven’t bought the title. What they have done is bought great players, they worked hard and they deserved it. Those players have then gelled well together. And the fact that the players have gelled so well is down to the manager. They’ve got great players, they’ve got a lot of money, but the players have clicked and that is down to Mourinho.’

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