Date: 23rd July 2015 at 4:56pm
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Apart from getting the sack after the drubbing inflicted upon us by New York Red Bulls!

It seems that the `Special One` has a similar phobia to most of us – death.

In an interview reported by The Sun Jose Mourinho has given an insight into his life discussing some subjects that wouldn`t normally be touched upon.

Apparently, at the age of 52, Jose admits that like many of us, death is something that stalks him with Jose admitting,

“I`m very afraid of death. I like living a lot and enjoy being here, near to the people I love, so it frightens me to one day leave this world.”

I reckon that`s a thought shared by many.

However, moving on, it would appear that Jose is, like me, someone who won`t be contemplating purchasing any of that ‘Just for Men` to hide his distinguished hair, with Jose remarking,

“In life I rarely say never but I will never try to hide my white hairs. I don`t see white hairs as a sign of wins or defeat. White hairs are a sign of some years have gone by and I have matured.”

But lastly, perhaps something we can use as a discussion point, Jose admits to having two prized possessions, further adding,

“One of them is a laminated photo of my children. That`s love.

“The other is a crucifix. It`s not a question of superstition but of faith. Because if one day I forget them, I won`t stop winning because of it.”

Which leads me on to ask the all-important question, if you could just nominate two prized possessions what would they be?

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