Date: 17th January 2014 at 9:51am
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It`s the long awaited debut from Tom, OLASAL`s younger brother.

No-one is perfect. However, this unfortunate issue was somewhat brazened out by the Christmas present she bought me. I’ll come back to this later. I don’t want to wax lyrical too much as I’m really here to divulge a second generation of familial views upon all things CFC. Nonetheless, I think it`s necessary to say a few things about the guy who introduced me to the family on Vital Chelsea. My brother is a legend and that’s as simple as it gets. I’m sure you all know that, having read his articles before. Nonetheless, this sneaky criticism of my ‘dress sense’ still needs to be addressed.

My brother has obviously been instrumental in getting me involved with Chelsea, taking me to games and wasting no time in imposing a few salient facts upon me. Firstly, his Ipod tuneage is pretty good, granted. Secondly, we don’t like Tottenham. Or Liverpool. In fact, my Dad and Brother don’t really like anyone who doesn’t have blue blood. The first question they ask upon meeting someone new is ‘Which team do you support?’. Even football neutrals get a look of contempt and the obligatory ‘They obviously never saw Osgood play’. Life’s priorities are beautifully balanced in my family.

In light of his dress sense comment, I’d like to direct your attention to a fresh winter’s afternoon on the Kings Road. For those who know my brother, you’d recognize him through his distinct lack of hair, a trait which runs in our family and one I’m becoming increasingly concerned about. On this occasion, he was donning a cap not too dissimilar to the ones worn by the chimney sweepers in Mary Poppins. If you’ve seen that film, I think you’ll appreciate that any comment on my dress sense is, and will continue to be, slightly hypocritical.

Having read through the comments at the bottom of his last piece, it`s obvious that his articles are a profound reflection of his personality. He’s a genuinely top guy, a wicked combination of sharp wit and effortless likeability. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, except when it comes to girls. He has no clue. His articles beautifully toe the blurred line between hilarious and controversial and he’s ridiculously into Chelsea. Whatever he might tell you about his writing ability, I can say that he is, by some distance, the better writer. Period. We all miss him and I hope I can uphold a blue tinted legacy.

Obviously, I wanted to base this first article around him as he’s chiefly responsible for what you are reading but I’d thought I’d finish this with a little Chelsea anecdote from our Christmas celebrations.

Buying a present for my girlfriend is a mine-field. I ask her ‘What do you want?’. She says ‘Nothing’. In my talk, this means ‘Nothing’. If I turned up with nothing, she’d never talk to me again. So I thought a little piece of hideously over-priced jewellery would suffice. She turned up at my house with, and I’m not exaggerating, a square-shaped present that was bigger than her. She’d dropped subtle hints that it was Chelsea/Eden Hazard related and I had to hide my initial disappointment that it wasn’t the man himself. It turns out she somehow managed to get in contact with Hazard and got him to sign a shirt for me. She had the shirt framed and turned up at my place, grinning from ear to ear at the looks of astonishment on both mine and my Dad’s faces. Classic.

My pieces, if I’m allowed to continue, will be a lot more Chelsea orientated but I thought I’d set the scene and give my big brother the credit he warrants. I hope I can continue to write and I’ll be keeping in contact with my brother as he continues his fantastic new life in Dubai. His contributions are, in my opinion, far more valuable than mine!

Up the Blues!