Date: 18th May 2017 at 4:14pm
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Next season could see a few noses put out of joint.

It has been announced that the subject of ‘diving` is to be tackled.

For too long players have gotten away with diving, basically trying to con the officials when there has been no contact with an opposing player.

Well it looks like those guilty of such an offence will no longer get off scot free.

New Football Association rules are to be introduced, passed by the governing body at its annual general meeting on Thursday, whereby a panel will review footage, each Monday, looking for clear cases of simulation.

The panel will consist of:

? One ex-match official

? One ex-manager


? One ex-player

Any player who is unanimously found guilty of diving would be given a suspension.

In your opinion though, have the rule-makers got this one correct or are they stepping into dodgy territory?

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