Date: 27th July 2018 at 3:28pm
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It’s been a bit quiet on here this week has it not.

For that, I offer my apologies.

Sadly, on Monday afternoon, my mother lost her battle for life, a battle many of you were aware of.

Naturally, the last few days have been a little difficult with so much to do and organise.

At one stage, I admit, after being the Vital Chelsea editor for some thirteen years, of seeking closure on that particular chapter of my life.

However, after being asked to rethink I’ve decided I just couldn’t leave you lot and instead I will pick up the editorial reins once again and continue.

Therefore, I’d ask you to be patient whilst I get things, on the domestic front, in order.

But, one thing, what’s been happening in my absence?

Anything dramatic?


17 Replies to “Normal Service Set To Resume Here On Vital Chelsea”

  • My sympathies to gou , Merlin. I too lost my mother back on Valentines day. So am well aware of the sifficulties you are dealing with. Up the Blues. KTBFFH

  • So sorry mate. Was thinking of emailing you to see what was happening. My mum was also rushed to hospital Monday but came home tonight, thank goodness. All the sympathy in the world to you but I know it won’t help right now. But for what it’s worth, I think you made the right decision

  • May her sould rest in Peace. You’ll be alright Merlin…..time heals all wound.
    Meanwhile the internet is buzzing with Willian to Man-U. We sadly seem to love the United cash. Dont mind selling Willian at 29 for a profit though if we can get Thiago….sadly Golovin is gone but Willian is relatively easy to replace compared to Hazard.

  • Condolences to you & your family Merlin, sadly it’s all part of the journey. When you’re ready the poisoned chalice awaits you for another season of debate.

  • Merlin, that’s terrible news, and you have my deepest condolences. May your grief pass quickly.

  • Even if it’s a dream, it’s the happiest thought I’ve had in awhile. I hate tabloid rumours more than anyone. But I like this one. I feel if I just meditate on it long enough, the universe will give this good gift… It would be the best transfer ever! LOL

  • Best wishes to you and your family during this sad time Merlin. Have you missed anything ?, nope same ol same ol . So far a transfer window like all the others, some interesting preseason games under Sarri. Baka is still awful, but CHO and Ampadu look great. Pedro seems to be flourishing under Sarri, we may get stuck with Willy as our #1 keeper, and Conte is suing as we wont pay his severance .

    The whole Conte/Sarri saga has been a fiasco of the highest order, humiliating to say the least .

    I’m also dreaming that the Ratcliffe story comes true,

  • I hope that Conte gets every penny plus some. Maybe that will put the brakes on the managerial carousel. Treat people like professionals, or pay them off… Mr Abramovich needs to decide what’s more important – his ego, or his wallet.

  • I very much like Sarri so far …. Fun v/s Work is quite a contrast ….. We are very entertaining to watch & I’m really looking forward to this season in a way I haven’t felt last few seasons …. Fingers crossed

  • LOL… ‘fun’. That’s what we’ve come to… I guess if you’re a manager who’s literally won nothing, you’d better find some sort of niche for yourself. Sounds like an Abramovich numpty, who’s letting the clowns run the circus.

  • Hudson O has not been dissapointing so far…..looks like he can step into hazards shoes and maybe better if well groomed and if willing to put in the shift. Baka….no comment. Every other player looking good so far. Tammy looks good and explosive also…..fingers crossed.

  • Looks like we are going to be susceptible to counter through the wings if Sarri is not defencesively conscious. This is EPL man…every blade needs to be covered.

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