Date: 19th December 2012 at 4:35pm
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Coming over the horizon, pretty fast, is the annoyance that is the Financial Fair Play Regulations.

Now I say annoyance because every man and his dog knows that if any of Europe`s top clubs flout the regulations, we`d be seriously surprised if any serious punishments were handed out, let alone bar the offenders from European competition.

Therefore, whilst secretly admiring the attempts of our own Premier League to bring in radical new financial guidelines that would require clubs to break even and also impose a cap on the extent to which clubs can increase their wage bills each year, does it really stand a chance of actually happening?

The reason why I ask is that if I have doubts about the aforementioned Financial Fair Play regulations being adhered to, why would clubs adhere to similar restraints in their domestic leagues?

Continuing on this theme, it`s interesting that put to the vote the vast majority of the Premier League clubs were behind the proposals with, we believe, three who were in opposition, these three being Aston Villa, Fulham and surprise, surprise Manchester City.

If the big-spenders that are Manchester City are not prepared to be reigned in then what chance do any such suggestions have?

Your views would be most appreciated!