Date: 12th November 2012 at 4:41pm
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Listening to the commentators discussing Torres is nothing new, but somehow I think the charade has gone quite far.

We did not buy the Torres of Liverpool or for that matter Atletico Madrid either. I am quite confident that the present Torres epitomizes the expression ”a shadow of his former self’.

Like most of the Chelsea faithful I have supported Torres through most of his time at Chelsea, but watching him in the last 4-5 games has convinced me that we should get rid of him. I admit that watching Manchester United`s strikers hasn`t helped either.

Time and again Torres seems to do the exact opposite of what he should be doing. When he should just shoot the ball hard and true he tries to dribble, when he should hold the ball up for others to arrive he starts running.

I admit that these follies are allowed but to someone like Ronaldo or Messi certainly not Torres on his current form. Often I find asking myself whether Torres will get 25-30 goals in all competitions and the answer is negative, always.

Another question that bothers me is whether this will affect the team’s chances of silverware, and I think it will. Going by the success or rather lack of it in bringing in a costly striker we should be looking at someone other than Falcao.

Why didn’t we sign Dembe Ba?

He is a goal scorer, has pace, has the physical presence to cause problems and above all is a fantastic footballer. But before we even make a move he will be off in Jan for the ACON.

So who else is left?

Loic Remy, well for one thing he wont be available for UCL games as he is cup tied. Daimao from Internacional, a tempting option but Brazilians tend to take some time settling in. Ramires did, Oscar hasn’t really settled yet.

Or should we look at Sturridge and give him the responsibility to lead the line?

Well for sure he can’t be as bad as Torres, can he?

Or should we play with Moses instead of Torres and be done with the entire concept of strikers?