Date: 25th January 2013 at 1:08pm
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Ouch, did I get some stick of you lot yesterday!

It was almost as if it was attack merlin day. Did I deserve it? Who knows! I only stated things as I saw them, on the night, with regards to the Eden Hazard incident.

Perhaps, in hindsight, I might be due a large slice of humble pie, perhaps footage I`ve since seen shows me as being a numpty!

But then again this whole episode appears to have divided public opinion, some want Hazard be tarred and feathered whilst others are offering the lad a slap on the back for dishing out what they believe that young lad was begging for.

The uncertainty (as I type) has afflicted the Football Association (FA). We`re informed that they spent all day yesterday viewing clips of the incident and have still to make their minds up as to whether Eden should face a disrepute charge.

The consensus, in the morning press, is that Eden may only miss the three games necessitated by the red card, seeing as Chelsea do not intend to appeal against the sending-off.

However, if I`m going to hold my white flag up and surrender, admitting I may have gauged this one wrong then I will still have my say on another aspect of what has emerged from this incident.

The young lad hasn`t come out of this very well, perhaps he deserves some of the stick he`s been getting, but I have one question for you all – does he really deserve to be on the end of some death threats?

What are some people like?