Date: 22nd December 2010 at 4:36pm
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And so to the end of the year, whereupon I thought, for a Fresian, I’d do a little awards piece, on behalf of my friends and colleagues here at Vital Chelsea Towers.

And so without further ado, here they are.

Person of the Year 2010

2010 was a good year. A vintage year in fact, so Vital-Chelsea’s man of the year is a fairly controversial one, but I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating none other that our very own Carlo Ancelotti as the Vital-Chelsea Man of the Year 2010. He brought us love, laughter, wins, goals and the eyebrow. A deserving winner.

Villain of the Year 2010

Tom Henning Ovrebo. No, still not got over it. Has to be hot favourite to win 2011’s title as well.

Hero of the Year 2010

Was going to be Didier Drogba for scoring 40 goals last season, but I had to sit through his nauseating performance at Marseilles, so I’m going for Big Pete Cech, just because he has gotten back to his best which can only be described as heroic. With a lesser keeper between the sticks this season we’d be in the bottom half of the table. Legend.

Chump of the Year 2010

Joe Cole. LOL. Just… LOL.

Chelsea Website of the Year 2010

Chelseadaft – really came of age this year. Says it like it is and pulls no punches, much like yours truly. Great stuff. We like!

Shock of the Year 2010

Butch leaving. Shocker. We may never know what really happened.

Bizarre Anti-Chelsea conspiracy/rant of the Year 2010

The suggestions from several sites that John Terry is somehow responsible for the suicide of the Rushden & Diamonds keeper because his brother slept with his Mrs comes a close seconds, but the prize has to go to the extreme lengths Republik of Mancunia went to, to try to convince the world that the snow was our fault. Or because it snowed, it proved we were afraid of them? Or that because we were afraid of them, there were huge delays at Heathrow. Or that because they play in red shirts, global warming is our fault? Or because their training pitch was frozen up, John Terry was in fact the man responsible for 9/11. Or something like that. I don’t understand it either.

Goal of the Year 2010

Got to be Drogba’s offside winner at Old Trafford last season, purely for how much it meant to the poor Mancs, and how they just cannot let it go.

FAIL of the Year 2010

Stuart Baggs came close. So did the guy on ‘One man One Jar’, but my personal pick has to be Massimo Moratti for allowing the fat Spanish waiter to take an awesome CL-winning side and turning into a crap version of Liverpool, and taking months and months to do something about it. FAIL.

VC Member of the Year 2010

JT_Daniel – a mainstay of our forums and a genuinely nice chap, who isnt afraid to say it how he sees it. We need more fans like him. Good lad.

VC Tit of the Year 2010

BluesFirst. We all know its Nozzy06/FIG/Figgles in disguise. At least I hope it is, because we’ve all got problems if our new fans are anything like this utter weapon.

Youngster of the Year 2010

Josh Mac – by a country mile. 2011 could be the year of the Mac. I cannot bloody wait.

Surprise of the Year 2010

That any of us ever thought England would win the world cup. Unbelievable really.

Opposing Team Performance of the Year 2010

Sunderland at home. Credit where it is due – they were excellent. Hurts to see it at home, but congrats.

Miss of the Year 2010

Kalou. He’s got a DVD coming out for Christmas entitled ‘How to hit the corner flag from 2 yards in front of an open goal and infuriate people’. In stores soon. Should outsell West Ham’s Christmas DVD – ‘1,001 great throw ins’.

Waste of money of the Year 2010

No, its not Ramires. I’m going for the Thai Dog & Aarvark ‘Chicken’ Pies in the stadium – they do flexible payment options and 0% finance until 2014.

Bargain of the Year 2010

I was going to say the hugely enjoyable and informative 30 mins I got to spend with a lithe, attractive Vietnamese girl in Orchard Towers for just 47p, a packet of pork rinds and a photocopy of my passport but… No. I’ll go for the paltry sum we gave Man City for Danny Sturridge. Bargaintastic.

Fan of the Year 2010

Mr M, beloved other half of Jackie, the only Liverpool fan we like (she can read, write, has a job and doesn’t nick things – No, I couldn’t believe it either!) – who came back from a stroke during 2010 really strongly and will be back at the Bridge very soon. Top man.

New Fan of the Year 2010

The above-mentioned Jackie had a little girl, Sophie, last year and has been trying to indoctrinate said infant with the Liverpool thing. I’m told she is now a dyed-in-the-wool Chelsea fan, cries without her Chelsea teddy and throws things at Mummy when she sings ‘Anfield Road’. We’re very proud of her and look forward to welcoming her to our ranks when she is old enough.

Gig of the Year 2010

Not really very topical for a Chelsea site, but Pendulum live in Wembley Arena was just mind-blowingly epic. If you don’t know who these people are, then I suggest you youtube them. Awesome.

Lash up of the Year 2010

There’s been a few, but I think winning the league and getting on it in epic style if only for an evening just about beats the four days, 53 steins, large bottle of Jaagermeister, 12 currywursts and 9 frikadelles the wife and i did in four days Munich in September. God help them if we draw them in the CL.

Wind up of the Year 2010

There’s been loads but Cendrowski’s scouser baiting this year has been bettered only by his Madrid baiting. Top stuff. Shame there isnt a Vital-Real Madrid site really as we’d have hours of fun with that.

Moment of the Year 2010

Hearing Andy Gray and Alan Green be forced to say something nice about us. Ha!

Wife of the Year 2010

Mine’s going to kill me for this, but its got to be Mrs Merlin. tough year and she came out smiling. Everyone here has much love for her. True blue and a true legend.

Wardrobe mistake of the Year 2010

EuroBlue’s gameshow host get up. I’m told he’s still wearing it. Come on down, the price is right!

Away Trip of the Year 2010

Wolves away last season in March this year. An 18,000 mile round trip and the train from Wolverhampton to London took nearly as long as the sodding flight. Memorable also for…

Curry of the Year 2010

…amongst the finest curries I’ve ever had the honour to eat at The Bilash. Absolutely top class.

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Hangover of the Year 2010

Winning the league.


I guess that wraps it up.

Thank you all for your support of this website, where we like to do things a little different. Its been a rollercoaster and a special time for all of us. Its wonderful to be a part of this thing we’re doing here – my huge thanks go to Gary, Nic, Sam and the rest of the guys who help keep this site ticking over, and to JP Fear at Vital HQ for being a legend.

See you all in the new year, and…


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