Date: 30th June 2011 at 4:56pm
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Okay it`s time to get rid of the popcorn bag, relax my feet and get my soda ready because the next couple of weeks or months will be a cold one in a department we’ve all been waiting for.

Before I continue, I will like to take out a minute and say a big thank you to Roman Abramovich or the Board for making it possible for this great club to assemble such a back room staff.

Who could have dreamed of a collective group consisting of characters such as Andre Villas-Boas, Roberto di Matteo, Steve Holland, Daniel Sousa, and Jose Maria Rocha all managing our on pitch activities at Chelsea?

We had to wait 38 days to assemble our back room staff, 16 days till pre-season kicks off; 51 days till the new season starts and 62 days till the transfer window closes.

I can’t wait for the first two to start and I can’t wait for the last one to end. I am not that na├»ve to think our actions in the transfer window won’t constitute a major step in preparing us for next season.

Our coach gave us some insights into what to expect over the next few weeks or months on transfers in his press conference yesterday:

‘I don’t see why any manager shouldn’t be in control of transfers, as would happen in any other club.

‘The reality is that we are able to go for the best when we want so this is an advantage we have and we just need to make wise decisions when we move.’

In regards to timing, I have seen some comments we should not expect anything to happen for a while in regards to transfers, but who knows?

His comments on the CFC website provide some indication of timing and what to expect.

Please see below:

‘I am more than happy with the actual squad.’

‘It is nothing new that when a manager comes, radical changes are expected.’

‘My confidence is for them to return to me and judge from that. These are players that deserve this respect from me. Up to August 31 we have plenty of time to make a wise decision.’

Sounds like media speak to me. AVB and his staff don’t need to wait till towards the end of the transfer window to see how un-watchable our play was on the pitch last season.

We don’t have to wait till towards the end of the transfer window to know we do not have players in our starting XI that will enable us win with ‘flair’. Or will their performance on the training ground tell us that?

Not really. The coach does not come across as someone who loves to ruffle a few feathers publicly or upset individuals he may consider part of the ‘Group One’.

However, he still demonstrates authority and control. Jose Mourinho first press conference was on Wednesday, 2 June, 2004. The first signing of that 2004/2005 off season was Paulo Ferraira on 23rd of June 2004 (3 weeks later).

Some rumors are already circulating that Jose Mourinho is irate with AVB because of our coach’s pursuit of Fabio Coentrao, the talented left wingback from Benfica who Chelsea have done enough business with.

How true or how hopeless this rumor is, I have no idea. However, I have dropped my popcorn and picked my soda to watch as I think we will witness some difficult (which could be considered cold) and ‘wise’ decisions being made like AVB did with the backroom staff. He is one ‘smooth’ operator.

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