Date: 30th September 2017 at 9:15pm
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As Chelsea failed to deliver anything against a powerful Manchester City side this evening, Antonio Conte and his Chelsea side have truly been given a reality check. The Blues were comprehensively outplayed in their own backyard. City bought their own ball and wouldn`t give Chelsea a touch. This was probably a case of one game too many for Chelsea.

It`s easy to pile on the criticism, but following a busy schedule of games through September we could probably have done without the last one being against City. For once, the tedious international break has come at a good time. Chelsea`s next game is in two weeks time when a visit to Crystal Palace, is on the cards. It will hopefully see a return to winning ways.

As fans, it`s always unacceptable to lose at home, but it happens. Having gone so long unbeaten at home until a couple of seasons back, for Stamford Bridge to no longer be a fortress is hard to take. To lose to this Manchester City team though, is no disgrace, clearly Pep Guardiola`s side are a class above the rest.

Let`s not forget free-flowing media darlings Liverpool lost 5-0 to them, albeit with ten men. No doubt many will argue we were effectively playing with ten men with???????.?…(insert name/s here) playing. I know who you`re thinking. That being the case our 1-0 defeat looks even better and we had no striker, better still.

The break that now follows, gives Alvaro Morata a chance to recover from the hamstring injury that resulted in his departure. Speaking after the game Conte said he believes it to be a muscular problem and not too serious. Finger`s crossed he`ll be back for the Palace game.

Rather than a total disaster, this game, like the Burnley one, is a but a blip. Against Burnley, Gary Cahill`s sending off, caused defensive mayhem. This time we were simply beaten by a much better team,

The other Manchester team, United, also look strong, however, they have started the season with an easy run of games. Something I`m sure Jose would have pointed out had it happened to another of the top teams. It could be City runaway with the league or they could blow-up like last season and it remains to be seen how we fare against Jose`s United. Maybe we`re fighting for 3rd place in the Premier League this season. That being the case, would third place and run in the Champions League be a bad season.

As i try to draw on the positive`s on a bad day at the office for Chelsea, I`ve saved the best until last. Could it be we finally see one of our development players, one of the ‘kids` make a move into the first XI and cement a place there. Considering Andreas Christensen was playing against the country`s top team, he was in no way overawed. He was calmness personified. Those central defenders, two of them anyway, need to be keeping one eye looking over their shoulders. Christensen is showing the kind of form that could see him really push for a starting place and on a day of doom and gloom, that really is something to smile about.

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  • conte and 90 minutes defending, even praising the lads for full commitment. from what I saw that’s an Irony.

  • City is very strong, but I still think its way too early to say they will win the league. So many things went wrong today. Yes I dont think Conte was spot on with the line-up and I am sure he will learn a great deal from this game. He is only human afterall and we cant expect perfection from him all the time. Even the greatest coaches make tactical mistakes every now and then. We will be fine – aftter 7 games we already played Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester, Everton and City. We have the hardest start to the season of the the top 6 teams and I think we are doing ok. 7 games in 21 days — 5 wins, 1 draw (against a top 6 side) and 1 narrow loss ( to the best squad in the EPL) is fine by me especially very early in the season. We will need the winter transfer though to be honest. We need to sign that back -up striker to support Morata, does not have to be expensive but it is a signing we need to make and I am fairly certain we will now that Costa has been sold. I hope we find a way to keep Morata from injury until then (hope his current injury is not a serious one) and we are also able to stay within touching distance to the top of the table ( no more than 6 points). Then anything can happen in the second half of the season…..keeping the faith

  • conte is happy with the performance hahaha. one of the most one sided match I have ever seen in a long while. I felt like crystal palace there. horrible game 2 watch from a chelsea point of view. I love u conte. but 2day the lads we’re crap.

  • Too early to predict the winners of the league. We are still very much in the race. We have to lift ourselves and hopefully go on a good winning run. The table may be very different in Jan.

  • No doubt that we were thoroughly beaten by City. This time around, Pep resoundingly beat Conte tactically.

  • I feel that we made a mistake before the ball was kicked. Conte I feel started the match tactically too defensively (negatively). He gave City too much respect. I hope that we won’t be seeing Dave in the RWB position any time soon. Conte should have started with Moses. Although Moses doesn’t always put in good crosses on a regular basis, he has the prefect balance of qualities needed in a good RWB (offensively and defensively balanced). Dave is a good defender and has put in good crosses from the back lately, but he lacks the ability to make forward runs and have good shirt link up play with our wingers. With Alonso nullified and shackled, and Dave not linking up or making forward runs, City restricted our play on both flanks.

  • Willian offered nothing. NOTHING! Conte should have brought Batsman as soon as Morata was off injured. After Morata’s departure, we lost a proper spearhead and a target man. Even if Batsman was not brought in as a substitute, I would have rather preferred Pedro to Willian.

  • The linesman kept raising the flag everytime we went into their half, Sure Conte got it wrong also, Batman and Pedro should have come on much earlier. We never looked threatening . Fatigue this early in the season is worrying . This time last year we were 8th , international break and look what happened ?. To early to worry yet . My one question is Zappacosta that bad that he cannot get a game ?

  • @Michael Reid, Looking at Conte and how he has acted with new players, I think he might have felt a “Man city” start was too early for Zappacosta. I dont agree, but Conte is Conte and he has his way of doing things. I dont think its panic time, still very early in the season. Man city should enjoy the tag of favorites for the title while we just have to remain humble and keep going game by game, stay as close to the top of the table as possible. On paper they are better than us anyways, so its ok. We need all the players fit (Daniel Drinkwater, we will need him). This season will be more stressful because of CL but I still think we will be fine. We will need January transfer window though, just a little bit ( but not a lot of business). Hopefully Morata will be fully fit after the international break. That is the prayer from my heart.

  • It would have been a draw but when i saw Fabregas between Kante and Bakayoko a marked than we gonna concede a goal because Fabregas is too weak to play a deep defending midfielder. If Fabregas has no strenght to make runs at the wings the coatch has to put him on bench and let players like Pedro who is able to run for the ball have the game.
    When Kevin took the ball in front of our back three there was Fabregas escoting him. If it was Baka or Kante there is no way he would have took that shot.
    We need Kante and Baka in our centre midfield not Fabregas.

  • We lost because our game plan was rubbish today. I don’t know why Conte is changing a formula that worked really well for us last season. We don’t need to start Fabregas to win matches, we won a lot of matches last season without starting Fabregas so I don’t know what Conte is trying to do this season. We’ll lose more matches this season if we continue to start Fabregas against top teams. We beat Mancity last season with Moses as RWB so there was no need to play Azpi at RWB. That was another very silly decision. The loss today has nothing to do with backup for Morata. Mitchy is good enough as backup, but Conte is not building his confidence at all, he’s infact doing the opposite, destroying the boy’s confidence.

  • Yeah, we were tired, but Conte got it wrong from the start. Started way too “frightened” in our formation and missed Moses providing width. We became inept after Morata went off and Willian offered nothing. Kante isn’t a 10 and had no business playing that high.
    Other than that….De Bruyne was a highly skilled and football smart monster that we had no answer for. Well done Jose…thanks for that little bit of brilliance you twit.

  • @ Rugwiro…spot on observation. Watched the replay of De Bruyne’s goal several times and the closest marker, and the one that should have been challenging him was Fabregas. But Fab was thoroughly beaten and made no effort to recover.
    He should never have been put back there and expected to be a defender because it has been, it is and always will be obvious that he is not. This one is on Conte….

  • If we’re serious about winning anything this season, we need to drop Fabregas from the starting xi ASAP and revert to the tactic that made us successful last season. No need to complicate things, just play Moses or Zappacosta at RWB, keep Azpi at RCB, you can rotate Luiz and Cahill with AC and Rudiger, both players have proven that they’re good enough for Chelsea. Start with Kante-Bakayoko or Kante-Drinkwater if playing a 2-man midfield. Start with Kante-Baka/DD-Pedro/Willian or Kante-Baka-DD if playing 3 in midfield, and for goodness sake, stop this madness of playing Kante as No.10, it won’t work against strong attacking teams. Kante lacks the attacking quality/ability to play effectively in a No.10 role. We need Kante to stay back to provide defensive cover like he did last season, so I’ll advice Conte to stop this madness. Our starting attackers should be Hazard-Morata-Pedro if playing 3 upfront, or Hazard-Morata/Pedro if playing 3-5-2 formation. No need for Conte to change a system that worked very well last season, he’s just creating unnecessary problem for himself. Lastly, Conte has to rotate if he plans to win a trophy this season. We had two RWBs on the bench, yet he moved a CB to RWB…

  • remembered last season we played fab against liverpool and arsenal and we where thoroughly beaten by liverpool at d bridge and arsenal away. people say we changed system that was why we won the league, but I remembered conte dropped fab, and replace him with matic, a midfield of kante matic won us the league. now conte has installed the lightweight fabregas back to the first team. in Epl against strong opposite with fab there in the middle we are going to kiss bye bye to top four because we are going to be out run and outplayed by most teams. conte needs 2 drop fab and make him a sub when the time arose bring him in to make passes. why change a wining formula.? is painful to watch your team outplayed for the whole 90 minutes at the bridge, the game was so one sided, one of the most one sided game I have seen for a long time. it was really horrible to watch. sometimes is best you lose knowing you lost but after you played. not staying back for the whole 90 minutes like a relegation team waiting to happen, waiting for the opposition to score anytime they deem right. conte needs to eradicate this negative football. we played atletico because we wanted to and we won. instead of keeping the same spirit. no he told the team to be negative from start to finish. it was horrible to watch from a chelsea point of view.

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